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Character. Integrity. Discipline. Teamwork. Using the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, The Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) strives to teach inter-city children the value of hard work, determination and collaboration. Beginning in September, the SYFL season has seven regular season games and a three-week playoff that culminates in a championship game. Children between the ages of five and thirteen – regardless of their ethnic or economic background - have the opportunity to participate in the league. In addition to teaching the basics of football, the SYFL emphasizes the importance of academics and community involvement in the success of the players and cheerleaders on and off the field. 

By becoming a donor today, you are supporting our organization and its mission to serve inner-city children and their community. Each person who donates more than $25 will be entered in a contest to win an autographed copy of a limited edition 45 of "La La La," the first single of Snoop's upcoming album Reincarnated.