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Donate's the deal.  We have all known someone with alcohol and drug issues.  It's a bad family scene for sure.   The money is spent, the family is stressed (pissed off is a better word), and promises (I'll quit tomorrow) have been broken.  So when they ask for help - most people have no money and they have no insurance - so where can they go?  How about the local shelter (doesn't sound like a good idea), or sir...we'll put you on a waiting list... (Are you kidding me?)  They finally ask for help - and you want them to come back next week!  Remember - they were always going to quit tomorrow - they've been quitting tomorrow for the years!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.   In 1994 we had seen enough.  Today we operate as Sober Living America - 50,000 have come through our doors.  We provide housing, food, education, spiritual, and recovery programs.  Oh yeah - and a Work Development program so don't have to depend on everyone's money to stay open - (It's a Hand up - Not a Hand Out).  We have locations in Atlanta, Tampa, and Jacksonville.  WILL YOU HELP?  Donate $1.00  - We can all afford that.  If you can do more how about $39.95.  Regardless just help.  If you are a manager - become a Community Partner and give one of these young fathers (mothers soon) a job.  We used to have mom's but the "Great Recession" kicked our butt.  Thanks for your help.