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Soccer in the Streets

Soccer in the Streets
CROWDRISE : Jun 27, 2010
Tax ID: 58-1874451
BASED: Atlanta, GA, United States


Our Mission

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All kids deserve a chance for success. Soccer In The Streets empowers kids who lack opportunity by using soccer as a medium to make them employable adults.


Positive-Choice Soccer

Positive-Choice Soccer is a year-round program that uses soccer as a tool to teach valuable life skills such as respect, communication, preparation, and goal setting. The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the Atlanta Public Schools and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Soccer In The Streets has been working with kids for over 20 years in more than 20 US cities.

The program removes financial, racial and gender barriers that prohibit children from being involved in positive activities which not only teach soccer basics, but also life skills such as discipline, responsibility and teamwork. Kids are less likely to become involved with the destructive influences of drugs, crime and gang activity in their neighborhoods.

Here's some words from one of our kids:


My name is Miguel and I am 12 years old

My family is from Honduras and we live in an apartment on Franklin Road. My neighborhood has problems with crime and gangs and it's easy for me to be in the middle of all this.

I want to be a professional soccer player or a lawyer so i can help people who go to jail but are in there for an unfair reason. I love soccer because it makes me feel fit and I know that if I do exercise and I practice every day I can become a pro soccer player.

If i had a really good job, I’d like to start saving money so can buy things for my family. I know that I have to make sure I'm really good at my school work first. I would really like to go to college and I think that Soccer In The Streets will help me get there.

- Miguel

There are countless kids like Miguel and all they need is the opportunity to succeed and someone to teach them the necessary skills to do well. One of the many things kids without opportunity lack is 'expectation'; we expect a lot from our Soccer Street kids and we get a lot in return.

Please help us, help them.

Tax ID: 58-1874451 •


Soccer in the Streets

Soccer in the Streets

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7% Raised of $5,000 Goal

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57% Raised of $3,000 Goal

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