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CROWDRISE : Feb 12, 2015
Tax ID: 45-2819526
BASED: Greencastle, IN, United States


Let Us Inspire You

Social Promise supports critical health and educational resources serving impoverished Ugandan communities. By promoting awareness, we seek to empower other people and institutions to support these vital humanitarian efforts. Conveying the achievement and promise inherent in these efforts, we hope to inspire a community dedicated to a spirit of altruism.

A number of studies have suggested that providing access to healthcare and education are two of the most successful ways in which to help people living in extreme poverty – to help them reach the bottom rung of the ladder so they can begin to climb upwards on their own.


With better health, children are able to attend school and adults are able to work.  Thus, access to healthcare is often the precursor to a robust, growing community. 


The benefits of education are well accepted around the world.  Children with a strong early education are more likely to pursue higher education and become creative contributors to their society and economy. 


Through access to healthcare and educational resources, we will be increasing the likelihood that the people we are helping in Uganda will develop independence from our assistance.


By supporting local Ugandan nonprofit institutions, we empower people to change lives in their local environment.  After much concentrated study about the various ways we could help, we were convinced that the people we were interested in helping have ideas and passion and knowledge, and are only lacking the means to implement their life changing ideas.  So rather than moving into Uganda and implementing our own programs, we search for heroes in Uganda who are already working to make a difference and only need a little financial support to achieve their goals.  And we support their work, their ideas, and their institutions

Tax ID: 45-2819526 •


Social Promise NYC Marathon 2017

Social Promise NYC Marathon …

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37% Raised of $20,000 Goal

Social Promise TCS New York City Marathon 2016

Social Promise TCS New York …

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81% Raised of $20,000 Goal

Social Promise NYC Marathon 2015

Social Promise NYC Marathon …

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204% Raised of $10,750 Goal