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From a device as small as a mobile phone to lighting up a home, the system can be used day and night and help people lead a better life, especially rural areas. I am an engineer and trying to help the people in rural areas by providing electricity using solar energy. Why should they live in dark when they deserve more than us ?


Short Summary

We are a group of young engineers who completed their engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, and are focussed on providing people a better standard of living by saving both, environment and money. Completed, some projects in our college life, we want to implement them in real world where the needy gets what it deserves.


     1. We primarily focus on providing solar battery energy storage system that can be used in areas where life is difficult due to lack of electricity.


     2. This system consists of many products ranging from a solar mobile charger to a system that can light up a home 24 hours a day.


     3. The mobile charging device can be used by anybody. It can be used to charge the mobile phone batteries in day or at night. It is a small, portable and very rugged device. The point of attraction is that it is a cost effective device. Once you own it, you do not have to worry about your mobile phone charging.

  [Laptop charger]


[Mobile chargers as keyrings]


[Day and Night charger]


The above shown is a charger that can be used either in day or at night to charge the mobile phone.

     4. The second most important reason for setting up a solar battery energy storage system is tohelp the people living in rural areas to have sufficient amount of electricirty to fulfill their daily demands and live their lives out of darkness. A major section of agriculture and labour comes from rural areas and hence it is our duty to let them live their life happily and peacefully. Solar charging system will directly provice electricity to these aread at low prices and indirectly help them to use it for many other purposes.

  [Solar grid setup in a village]

Above shown is a photgraph of a solar grid set up in a village. The energy produced is used to charge the batteries, that are further used in houses for various applications.


[Solar Water Heater]

Solar water heater is a wonderful device to heat water for free. No mantainence cost, no side effects. Heat water when needed.

[Solar powered houses]


This is how solar powered houses look like. Simple to use, mantainence free for almose 10 years. A great help for rural areas.

A contribution towards this project is a contribution towars the better living of yourself. Not only we save non renewable sources of energy, we also help our environment improve. 


What We Need & What You Get


The fund received would be divided in parts and then be used in steps.

     1. The first step would be production of solar mobile chargers. Here by solar mobile chargers we mean, any small device ( music player, tablet, radio etc)


     2. On the successful completion of the first part, the next step would be production of small solar power lighing system. Here two or three light devices can be powered up by solar energy and be used anytime of the day. then this system would be increased to power fans and other small loads used in household (rural areas)


     3. In the final stages, solar energy would be used by farmers to run machines that are used in agricultural lands. Also storage area for the harvested items would be created so that their infinite wastage can be reduced, because now, due to lack of efiicient storage system ( or due to improper environmental conditions) a lage amount of crops is wasted.


Even if the entire goal is not reaches, the funds would be used to produce the small devices such as solar mobile chargers and then be supplied to people in rural areas as well as others.

The Impact

We have successfully completed the same project in our college life with the hardware up and running.

We have also provided some of the mobile charging devices to our villages, from where our parents belong, so as to knw if they are really useful. And the after a months research, it is known that, these devices really help those people in day to day lives.




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