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Help Me Install Solar Panels on Nicaraguan School: Donate Once, Support Three Causes

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In March of 2014, Power To The People will send a small group of volunteers to Charco Muerto in Nicaragua. There they will install modern photovoltaic solar panels onto local buildings, providing reliable electric power 24 hours a day. With your donations, I will be able be a part of this volunteer trip. Please read the following to see exactly how your support will contribute to in a variety of ways.

Support: 1) Give Me a Life-Altering Experience

I’m Brianna, and when I first read about this opportunity to volunteer abroad with Power to The People, I literally stood up in front of the computer and cheered. I had never seen a program so perfect for me. I plan to study alternative energy throughout my career and apply it to businesses dedicated to replacing oil with sunlight. This project will not only teach me technical skill, but help me to understand how to integrate alternative energy into even developing civilizations. And though I have studied Spanish for three years in high school and crave the chance to see the world, I have never seen civilization outside the United States. With Power to the People, I will be able to converse with native Spanish speakers and see amazing sites unique to Nicaragua such as the Charco Muerto volcano. Going on this trip will be one of the greater experiences of my youth, and collaborating with this organization will possibly jumpstart my career.

Support: 2) Permanently Improve the Charco Muerto Community

The small developing community of Charco Muerto, Nicaragua is a beautiful, rural area. It consists of families trying to provide education for their children, grow small businesses, and care for their sick. Though you may not believe it, the introduction of renewable electricity can make a big difference in each of these areas. Solar panels on the roof of the school provide light and internet access that many Americans take for granted but cannot function without. Electricity also helps workers be more productive. For example, basket weavers with electric lights have the opportunity to work at night as well as the day, doubling their output. When people become sick or injured, often doctors will not travel to rural areas if they do not have electricity. This simple installation project will create nearly limitless opportunities for community members to become educated, professional, and healthy.

Support: 3) Share A Greater Vision

Few people I have met have been as inspiring a role model to me as Ms. Jenean Smith, the founder of the Power To the People organization. This organization, which will be able to grow with my participation, will go on to help far more communities and developing countries. It not only makes lasting changes to the countries its members visit, but also returns it’s volunteers to the United States as skilled and well-rounded individuals. It sets up both the volunteers and the recipients with the tools to make changes to their homes, armed with technical knowledge and a understanding of other cultures. Truely, Power to The People has convinced me that we are on our way to World Peace. Your donation will not only help me participate, but support future projects as well.

As I write, I use phrases like “I will” and “when I go.” But in actuality, this great endeavour depends on the generosity and support of those who read this. Please support this project. Your donation will not be absorbed by some big general fund, nor will it be wasted on a handout that will only have a temporary effect on the community. Every cent will make a permanent change to my career, the lives of the hard-working Nicaraguans, and a small but effective non-profit organization.

Thanks in advance for your kind contributions :)


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