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Jacqueline Yang's Fundraiser:

Solar Power for Northern Villages in Myanmar

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Clean Power for Humanity’s (CPH) mission is to provide green powered solutions to rural villages to increase their livelihood. CPH, a 501(c)3, was born out of Jacqueline Yang’s passion for giving back and her goal of creating a sustainable future for the future generations. Post university, Jackie spent eight years in the finance sector in New York City. In her free time, she volunteered with a youth group in the Bronx and participated in service trips to New Orleans to help with post-Katrina rebuild in the Lower Ninth Ward. In 2012, she decided to take the “leap” and left the finance world to become a Director of a youth based nonprofit in Treme, New Orleans, Louisiana. Jackie also pursued her MBA full time while working full time. In 2014, after Jackie’s visit to Myanmar and with the support of her “yodas”, she found her next journey in life: to engineer green powered solutions to provide a basic necessity to rural villages in Myanmar and China, POWER. WHAT? WHERE? Myanmar has a population of 51 million people. Roughly 84% of households in rural Myanmar have no access to the power grid; that is approximately 70% of Myanmar’s population. The Myanmar government has pledged that 70% of the population will have connectivity to some power grid by the year 2030. That is 14 years away. The rural villages depend on candles or diesel-powered mini-grids for electricity to power light for their children to study. Many households cannot afford candles, $0.25 per candle, around one-quarter of their daily earnings, or diesel-powered mini-grids, 10-20 times what government subsidized grid power costs. The high costs of obtaining power and light has inhibited households to send their children to school. Other sources of light and power come from the burning of coal or teak wood. Both factors are contributing to dire environmental issues in Myanmar. Children are seen as added manpower that can help with collection of teak wood to power stoves and produce light, or extra manpower to help with the cultivation of crops to sell to buy necessary wood, coal, or candles for the home. Roughly 40% of children in rural areas are not enrolled in schools. Power is a basic necessity for light. Light is needed in schools and homes to help students study. Education is essential to children and is the key to increasing individual and village livelihood for the future. WHY? Clean Power for Humanity believes that solar powered systems can provide electricity to schools and community centers to increase education to children. By providing light during the evenings, students can study. Power in the villages can also decrease the cost and time spent on finding other power alternatives, while preserving the environment. CPH believes that in the importance of educating the young, as this will increase their livelihood in the future. CPH will also enact a “teach and learn” strategy, wherein we will show the villagers how to install and maintain the solar panel systems. We believe that the “teach and learn” strategy will provide a life skill that can increase the villager’s livelihood. CPH also hopes that secondary benefits of providing electricity will be health NGO’s that can use the electricity for refrigeration of vaccines for the village. HOW? Clean Power for Humanity will engineer solar paneled systems that connect to AC battery for each individual village community center and school. As each location garners varied sunlight, CPH will design systems to maximize sun power and LED light systems to schools and community centers. IMPACT? 300 children ages 6-15 that can go to school and have light to study at night. 100 families that can will have access to light in the community center. 5 villages that have no access to power or electricity. COST? Every dollar counts. We are very excited to embark on our first project in Myanmar in March. We need starting funds to ship, transport, and install the solar systems in the northern villages. Once installed and training commences with the villagers, CPH hopes to expand to other villages to bring light to communities. Each system for one building costs $2000. We plan to install two (2) systems in each village. We will be focusing on 5 villages in Mandalay region of Myanmar. Total cost of project: $20,000.



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