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Help us fund a new body/mind/spirit advocacy program!

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My friend and co-author, Stacey M. Kananen, and I are working on creating a new kind of abuse advocacy center. Stacey lived a horrifically abusive life and was on trial for her life in 2010, accused of her mother's murder. She was found not guilty (her brother did it) and her book, Fear of Our Father, was just published and is doing very well on the various Best Sellers lists.

But Stacey's real reason for writing the book wasn't to get famous in the literary world, it was to make noise about a broken system. To that end, we're working on creating something we're calling the Spectrum of Light Transformation Center ( The problem is, I'm a writer and Stacey works a typical 9-5 job. Neither of us knows how to do this, so we have to hire people. Since being a writer and working a typical 9-5 only supply enough income to keep roofs over our heads, we cannot afford to pay salaries or any of the other expenses that go with the territory.

For example, we're scheduled to speak at an international conference in September, but it costs money to register and to fly to San Diego, pay for food/lodging, etc. One volunteer, Stacy Lynn Rasmussen, has been doing all the work we would be doing if we knew how or had the time. We'd love to be able to pay her an hourly wage.

We're setting our initial goal at $50,000 because that seems like a reasonable amount to start with, between paying Stacy for her hours (without pay from us, she has to get a real job to pay her bills, and then nothing will get done!), hiring attorneys and other business contractors to guide us through the beginning phases, travel expenses, office supplies, blah blah blah.

So if this sounds like something you could get behind, we'd love to have you!

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