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Solidarité avec Jennifer Paquette

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Anyone who has met Jennifer Paquette knows that she is a force to be reckoned with. An ardent defender of social justice, Jennifer's passion and dedication is second to none. When someone who has given so much of her time and energy sends out a cry for help, we have no choice but to lend our strength and respond in solidarity.

Read on, and find out how you can help!


A couple weeks ago, Jennifer and 10 of her fellow professional circus performers were granted government funding to travel to Perou and teach impoverished children their craft. Unfortunately, what should have been a once in a lifetime experience quickly turned into a nightmare.

(Read the full story here)

Discovering she was pregnant 3 days before her return home, Jennifer tragically suffered a miscarriage while aboard a flight from Perou to Mexico.

In addition to the considerable emotional trauma, miscarriages are often accompanied by excruciating abdominal pain, severe bleeding, weakness and fever. The Aero Mexico flight staff promised that she would be given a wheelchair and be seen by medical staff as soon as they landed. They would soon find out how empty these promises were.

Arriving in Mexico, they received absolutely no help. They were instead treated with disdain and indifference. Jennifer had to drag herself across the airport while bleeding profusely, every step sending shooting pains throughout her body and almost knocking her unconscious.

While in a state of acute physical and emotional distress, Jen was unable to receive immediate medical attention. Her state may have been worsened because of the airport staff's refusal to procure a wheelchair. They were unceremoniously kicked off the plane without any of their luggage or their travel documents. Their plane tickets were cancelled, and non refundable. Left without any resources and stranded in a foreign country, it took the group almost 3 days and 3000$ to return home.


This ordeal is something we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies. The blatant lack of human decency is revolting and we simply CANNOT let this stand!

Let's help our comrade get back on her feet, and start fighting back!

Here's the official damage:

+ 3 plane tickets: 1000$
+ Luggage fees: 100$
+ Immigration Papers: 100$
+ International Emergency Phone Call: 250$
+ Additional Travel and Medical Costs: 50$
+ Defense Fund: 15 000$

Simply put, the actions of airline company and the airport staff put Jennifer's life at risk. The people responsible must be held accountable, and we can't let this happen again. To anyone.

Even though we all know her to be as tough as nails, such a traumatic event has left her with considerable psychological and physical trauma. Though denouncing this type of injustice is absolutely necessary, we all know it wont be easy.

Lets stand together in solidarity! Every little bit counts, so please give generously!



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