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My journey to protect our environment started during my deployment to Fallujah, Iraq, with the Marine Corps infantry. This deployment gave me a firsthand insight into why it’s critical to find solutions to the water insecurity connected to climate change.  While on patrol just outside the city, a roadside bomb hit my HUMVEE. Fortunately for us, the “military-age man” was not well trained, and most of the blast missed our vehicle. When we caught him, we learned that he was a farmer with little or no explosives experience. Because of climate change, his crops had failed. Vulnerable, he was turned into a terrorist paid to attack Americans. For me, the connection between climate change and water insecurity became crystal clear.  Soon thereafter, I started to put the pieces together on how climate change and water insecurity are inseparable.   Since then we enrolled Adrian Grenier from HBO's Entourage, Anna Day an award-winning journalist, Steve Holleran, who’s cinematography was in theaters across the U.S. this summer, Kari Barber who’s edited Spielberg’s sound, Jon Hinck who co-founded Green Peace U.S.A, a state lawmaker and lawyer, DKC News who works on Ken Bern’s documentaries, and Northern Arizona University’s water and climate research team to support this initiative. I’ve also worked with the director of the State Innovation Exchange, who is a natural partner as they work with progressively minded state lawmakers.   Please visit and watch the fist video for a quick video on our project.  




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