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CROWDRISE : Jul 17, 2012
Tax ID: 95-3994508
BASED: N Hollywood, CA, United States


Our Mission

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Sober Approach, Inc., a 501c)3) dedicated to road safety and DUI-abatement is the machine behind two brand new shiny applications -- one for the iPhone and another for the Android -- which are currently being beta tested.  Soon, however, they will be ready for use throughout the USA.  We are getting ready for that moment by rallying every single corporate social responsibility executive into endorsing our apps while working at a grassroots level to change the way we all think about driking and driving.


I know that most of us have gotten behind the wheel of our cars outright drunk, let alone a little buzzed.  Neither is okay. Both kill. Until now it was a real pain in the arse to get home in that state without spending a small fortune, imposing on family and friends, or by leaving your car overnight at some random bar while you negotiate public transportation in the middle of the night.  


We know that most of you -- like most of us -- would have immediately connected with your brand new sober buddy driving team at, if you had had that option.  But you didn't.  Today, you do.  In seconds our apps geolocate available designated drivers and you are on your way home in the passenger seat of your own car.  No DUI.  No hassle.  In fact, you might have just made a new friend.  The driving teams always come in two, so, there is that added measure of safety (and, obviously, it is the way the designated driver gets home).


If you can donate, great.  If you can't, then make the commitment to drive one day this year to earn the good karma AND possibly reciprocity for your own DUI-free ride home next time you are out and about.


Spread the word! (and share the cash)

Tax ID: 95-3994508


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