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Solving Kids' Cancer

Solving Kids' Cancer™ (SKC) is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization dedicated to improving survival of the deadliest pediatric cancers through novel clinical research. SKC finds, funds, and manages new clinical trials with the goal of introducing novel therapies that are more effective and less toxic than the current standard of care. Tax ID 20-8735688


Solving Kids' Cancer™ was founded in 2007 by two fathers who lost children to pediatric cancer. Their experiences led them to establish an organization to fill the void they had identified: there was no single group, institution, or research entity exclusively and effectively devoted to solving the deadliest forms of pediatric cancer. Solving Kids’ Cancer was created not as a conventional charity but as a nonprofit enterprise dedicated to fostering a new collaborative approach to pediatric cancer research that makes therapeutic benefit and increased survivorship the primary funding criteria. SKC serves as a bridge between the key stakeholders including scientists, translational researchers, clinicians, and the life sciences industry. 

Find, fund, and manage clinical trials and scientific programs to rapidly develop effective treatments and increase the menu of options for children facing difficult-to-treat cancers.

All public donations are dedicated to programs and projects  SKC's operating expenses are underwritten by our Board of Directors so that all funds support our mission: solving kids' cancer.

To learn more about our work please visit: