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Sometimes We Need A Little Help

Organized by: Brandi Andrews

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I didn't want to go this route, as I am not one to discuss my problems nor my finances, but, I feel like I have no other options right now. So here's our story: My boyfriend and I have 6 children between us, three of which are mine and they live with us full-time, and three are his which we have every other weekend and 4 weeks out of the summer. My mom, who cannot work due to health and Medical issues, also, lives with us full-time. So, we have a full time household of 6 and a part time household of 9. Recent events have left us struggling financially. Where should I start...well, first I'll start out by saying, my boyfriend only brings home $250 every other week, due to his monthly child support obligation being so high. It is 70% of his income which Federal law only allows an employer to garnish up to, but not more than 65% of someone's wages for child support, thus leaving him falling further behind in arrears each month. I, on the other hand do not get child support from my childrens fathers, although there is an order for support in effect, the last payment I received for child support was in September 2014, in the amount of $5.65. Please keep in mind, between the 3 kids, I am owed $30,000 for child support, which I doubt, I will ever see any of it by the way things are going. We hired an attorney, in which, we are thousands of dollars in debt to to help us get this all straightened out, needless to say, not much has been done. His income helps with gas, food, and basic life necessities and my income from my full time job pays all the bills. Also, my boyfriend just got back to work after being off for 3 months due to a work related injury (torn bicep tendon) on May 25, 2016. So I am still trying to recoupe from that. In March 2016, the state decided I had too many assets (because I titled 2 different cars, both of which are 15 years old) to get any assistance through the state and cut off all my food stamps, Medicaid, etc. So, now I have to feed 6 people daily and 9 every other weekend, plus pay over $1000+ a month for prescriptions for my children, myself, my mom, and my boyfriend, needless to say, my boyfriend, myself and my kid's have had to go without this month due to not having the financial means to pay for it. Our kids are ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12 years old. On July 13, 2016, one of the only two vehicles we had broke down and what we thought was a tie rod turned out to be a broken CV Axle and a broken A-frame, so that car is toast. So now we have one vehicle to get us both back and forth to work and transport all 6 kids places when we have to go car seats 5 people altogether. Following the car breakdown, we got news that my boyfriends gma only had a few hours to live, which when we visited her earlier in the week she was doing great! We had made her a promise that we would fix up the house her and her late husband shared and raised their children in that she quit claim deeded to us recently, and we would bring her back home so she could spend her last days at home comfortably with family. When we showed up at the nursing home, she was unresponsive and while she was laying there in her bed looking so peaceful, I promised her that, regardless, of what happened, we were gonna fix up her house that had been destroyed by previous tenants and she would be proud of it again. Five minutes later, she took her last breath as we stood there by her bedside. Now, already being short on money, we have a funeral to worry about too. Saturday, July 16, 2016, I got the remaining $200 out of my bank account and got a payday loan for $400 so I could pay the rent where we live and buy some food for the house. Somewhere along my travels on Saturday, the money fell out of my back pocket, all of it, gone! I have nothing and my rent isn't even paid. My kids, myself and my boyfriend did not get our prescriptions for last month and it's not looking good for this month either. I will go without as long as my kids don't have to. We have no food, our power is going to be shut off soon and we have nobody to turn too for help as no one has the financial means to help us. Not to mention my boyfriend broke the sole on his work boots and you can see his foot thru the bottom of the boot and we can't get him a new pair because we cannot afford any. I am turning to the public for help now so my kids can at least get their prescriptions and we can put food in our cupboards. I would love to raise enough to help out with a new family vehicle so we can fit everyone in it, legally and comfortably and raise enough money to fulfill the promise I made my boyfriend's grandma, and remodel and/or fix up the house she and her husband raised their children in. Any and all donations help and are appreciated more than you know. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.


Organized by

Brandi Andrews

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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