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Soon to be homeless vet and wife in need of help to relocate for work

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Hello, I'm a 27 year old veteran who's home foreclosed. I was going to college in another state and rented the home but stopped receiving rent. About the same time I didn't receive GI bill living expenses since they no longer pay for holidays and breaks and the school had a lot of break time due to the holidays. When I could not afford rent and mortgage I was evicted and after a couple of months of being homeless I moved back into my foreclosed home until it sold. I looked for work here since I've been here but I haven't been hired and there are few openings especially walking distance in this small town. I do not qualify for unemployment because it's been longer than 6 months since I was in school.

I recently found out that my home sold a couple months ago and I was not notified. I'm selling everything I own so that we can live out of my car. I have a car payment of 492 that is over due and if i am not able to make the payments they will repossess the car which I will be living out of. My car has no registration (it is $700 to register in georgia, who can afford that?) and needs a couple minor things worked on, my bank is almost $400 in the negative, we have no water and we ran out of food last night.

I'm experienced in satellite communications, forklift, retail, construction, and can learn a trade very fast. I was going to college for 3D graphic design and traditional art. I want to be a video game designer but I had to drop out of my campus enrollment due to my situation. I believe that I should be able to find a job if I migrate to a better location out of this small town and go back to college online. I plan to go to Arizona where I believe I can find a job fast and also be closer to game studios in california once I graduate.

That is my situation and if there is any way I could get help in any way our lives would change for the better and we can start over. Thank you for your time reading this.



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