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SorrowBlade - Faerylands Fantasy series

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EVENT DATE: Apr 22, 2014

The Grey Forest


Fund raiser for the 3rd edition of the Fantasy / Fiction novel series: Faerylands.

The Goal and What you will Receive
As acting Author & Artist, images from the storyline and character portraits from the books are both written and created by myself. The Fareylands & Atlantis series expanded to the wide audience of Mermaid and Fairy art collectors in a unique way that both the Novels and the Artwork series are intertwined.
Even several years of recovery after being displaced by the tragedy of Katrina, I find myself at yet another crossroads having been forced to move 12 times in the last 7 yrs against the hardships and adversity and being left homeless. This campaign will hopefully help me to find to a permanent studio where I can finish the 3rd and final addition to the Faerylands Trilogy ~ the tale of Sorrowblade.
• All Books, Tapestries & Artwork listed are in stock and will be delivered promptly
• Your pledges go towards creation costs of the Sorrowblade edition.
• Stretch goals will be unlocked upon each funding level attained.
• Your support will assist me to move to a true studio (any offers are appreciated)



My Story

The world of Faerylands almost didn't happen.  Aug. 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home, my car, all my property and supplies.  With my family deceased and my friends scattered to the four winds; leaving me displaced several states away with nothing more than two suitcases and the shirt on my back.

As were most victims of that disaster, I was astonished that FEMA was of no help, nor was the Red Cross, as were several hundred thousand casualties of the storm we were shocked and appalled by the numerous Big Name insurance companies that didn't pay out a single dime.  Having to start your life from ground zero from literally nothing; is truly something most can't comprehend ...and never thought would happen to me.

It was a very humbling experience, and began a new outlook on life; simply put, one can either let hardships or tragedies in life on any level sink you into depression, or you can choose to lift your head and start anew.  Even after being disabled by severe PTSD from the event; which was both an embarrassing stigma and a constant daily struggle; but truly, in the end, it was my love of creating fantasy art that kept me alive.


The realms of Fantasy has always been a passion of mine, and my stories always revolve around the Gaia and our need to preserve Mother Nature.  Artists Bio Link

     •   Faerylands - The world of the Faerie        Enter the Grey Forest

For countless centuries the fey have remained unseen, hidden and withdrawn, shrouded within the boundaries of the Evermore.  But just how they became imprisoned there was a mystery.  The Elvenborn had become a dying race, and now a strange and dreadful blight was encroaching upon their sanctuary.  Ivy Elvenborn knew there was something terribly wrong with her world, the Faerylands were vanishing, and she had to find out why.



Faerylands- The Grey Forest:  was a hit among fairy collectors and enthusiasts.  The storyline answers the age long question: "Where have these mystical creatures of legend disappeared too?"  As Ivy Elvenborn, a capricious young wood sprite explores the underworld in search of the World Tree and the Highborn Elves for questions left unanswered, and learns more than she had wished.

The Faerylands 1st edition is still available at Barnes & Noble stores online.


      •  Faerylands 2 - Soulstorm Keep:

The adventure continues as Ivy discovers the dark side of Nature and lost magics, revealing the history of how the house of Elves became divided and unravel a mystery that brings her to the very doorstep of the Drow and compelled to trespass beyond the gates of a ghostly fortress where no living Faerie had ever tread.

     •  The Elvenborn

Mothered by Nature and Fathered by the Elves, the Elvenborn were the first-blood children of the fey.  The race of Elves were vanishing and looked to the Fearie to carry on their legacy, to heal the Earth from the blight known as the Craven, or the entire race of Fey would be the last of their kind.



  •  SorrowBlade      

Mystical Warrior Priestess of the Obsidian Order, a symbol of hope to all the Faerie.  Medusa Sorrowblade becomes the icon of the unsung heroes of Fantasy who sacrifice everything for the greater good.  This companion series creation is in recognition of their sacrifice and honor of the blade.  Expanded concept art includes Science Fiction & Fantasy images for collectors of both genres.

You can read more about the character background of:  Medusa Sorrowblade


Other Ways You Can Help

Fantasy art makes a magical gift for the special people in your life.  Feel free to visit the series websites where you will find art prints avilable for immediate delivery, including (50-LTD) 'Special Limited Edition' works and Original Concept Art Sketches for sale.

Enter the Grey Forest:    Www.GreyForest.coM
For Bookstore retailers:  Www.Faerylands.coM
Erotic Fantasy Art:          Www.Elvenborn.coM
Warrior Women of Fantasy ~ Campaign Site:    Www.SorrowBlade.coM



Fulfillment of your Donation orders is guaranteed:  All items listed are in stock with the exception of Tier 5: as each custom fantasy portrait must be hand created (+50hrs ea.)

eBay reputation (The-Grey-Forest: over 1000+ sales w/ 100% feedback) be assured your chosen perk reward will be properly packaged for protection during shipment.

• This page will be updated daily to guarantee donators will get the prints they desire •


Prints are metallic archival giclees (the highest quality possible) metallic pearl means (depth of color) a far higher grade than a standard matte, seeing is believing.

NOTE: These works are Limited Editions, (only 100 ea. image released worldwide), so there are limited quantities (first come/first choice) Each comes signed/numbered with a married gallery card and are placed in a protective sleeve w/ support board and arrive ready for framing. [ please note the artwork No# you desire and it will be reserved ]


Faerylands 2 - Soulstorm Keep   5.5"x8.5" paperback  256pgs
ISBN: 978-0-9719168-7-6            Signed / NEW retail condition

Timeline for Delivery:

As my series revolves around Mother Nature, this campaign is designed to end on April 22, 2014 (Earth Day).  As a supporter, please be aware of the few fulfillment speed-bumps which are:

Minus Site & Funding transfer fees + time (PayPal +5 days/CC up to +3 weeks)
USPS shipping time:  first class, priority or media mail, international.
Thus, a window of up to 30 days was estimated for final delivery.

Items will ship as soon as funding is received, feel free to contact me directly if you haven't received your perk item by May 22nd. (  on the  'Contact Us'  page link  )



International sponsors are greatly appreciated, but please remember that recent US shipping price hikes have risen to shocking levels:  (shipping from Oregon, USA)

•  USA destinations:  shipping costs are already calculated into the perk total

•  Countries bordering the USA:  please add +$20.00 usd to cover shipping

•  Overseas (UK): please add +$25.00 usd to cover shipping

•  Overseas (all other than the United Kingdom) please add +$35.00 usd.

 ...with all sincerity, a heartfelt ' Thank you ' for your pledges,

    and I hope you enjoy the world of Faerylands.


Please seee the:  DONATION REWARDS PAGE   for choices of artwork/novels





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