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SOS Athens Classic Marathon!

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It started with a simple conversation spurred by a flyer of the 2010 Athens Classic Marathon and the desire to do something above ourselves for someone else. Then the conversation continued over time and ideas started to swirl in our heads! Can we really train for a marathon? Are we really going to go fly to Greece for this? Can we use this marathon to help benefit someone or something? How do we decide which organization to support? Could we really turn this dream into reality?

In the midst of all these questions how were we going to start training for the run, and organize a fundraiser? First we started with the training. We wanted to make sure our training was appropriate, accurate and calculated to keep us both healthy. We meet with Jeff Galloway earlier this year to discuss our running goals and have actually run with him a couple times since! His joy for running is very inspiring! Our dream was slowly coming true! Our running schedule has been set for several months now. We are both feeling strong and we are inching closer to the 2010 Athens Classic Marathon!

The next step was to find an organization to support. We first thought about what was important to both of us. Theo was interested in the public healthy avenue and I wanted something to benefit children. We both thought it would be fitting to support an organization in Greece since this is where the marathon will be! And that is how we came across SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children’s Villages is an organization that creates “villages” in different countries (Greece actually has three!) for children who are orphaned or abandoned and provides them with family structure, education, and health care needs. The mission and beliefs of SOS Children’s Villages encompass both public health needs and supporting children!

So here we are! Exactly 3 months away from our marathon and starting our fundraising efforts. Since this year’s Athens Classic Marathon is commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the marathon, we thought we would each try to raise $2500 for a totally of $5000.
We are so excited to be part of such an amazing event! Running the marathon and using it to do something for the children of Greece will be a dream come true for us! Thank you in advance for all your support as we work to accomplish our goals both on and off the running course!



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