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September 21, 2012

I am a social worker . My aim is to empower rural women in developing countries like Ivory coast by changing them into entrepreneurs.  See more


EVENT DATE: Apr 30, 2013


COULIBALY Pélégnansinan


What is my research topic?

« AGRIPRENEURSHIPINCUBATORS FOR RURAL WOMEN IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: the caseof central north and north regions in Cote d'Ivoire »

Why this topic?

Poverty and food security are the matter of discussion in international organisms like FAO, IFAD, UNIDO and other countries.  According to UNIDO, 48.2% of the active population in developing countries works in agriculture and rural areas: 4/5 gets its income from farming activities (IFAD 2011). Women and girls constitute 3/5 of people who live in poverty around the world (UNIDO 2003). Moreover, more than 52% of women active population in developing countries lives from subsistence agriculture or small businesses sector (FAO 2011).  In Africa, women represent 70 to 80% of the farming workforce and they produce more than 80% of the food production. Nevertheless, despite their key role in the economic activity, it is noteworthy noticing that women are confined in the informal sector. Furthermore, the economic crisis has deteriorated their tools of production.

Like other developing countries, Cote d’ivoire has been facing poverty and food insecurity. Most of the socio-economic indicators have been deteriorated with the political-economic instability in the country since December, 24th 1999. According to UNDP (PARP/OMD2009-2013), north and central north regions are very poor. In fact poverty rate has increased from 40,3% en 2002 to 77,3% in 2008 in north area, The rural savannah area from the central north  is also affected. Poverty increased in this region from 32% to 57% for the same period.

What kind of solution do i want to bring?

Rural business’incubators dedicated to women can be the ultimate solution 

The goal of this study will mainly consist in exploring rural world in order to see how rural business’incubators dedicated to women could contribute to an economic growth in these regions and by extension to reduce the poverty and the food insecurity by creating and securing jobs

Why to support me?

As social worker, I worked for long time with rural women; I supported them free of cost, just as an activist against poverty. I have a broad knowledge in this domain.

Owe to your investment, you contribute to improve lives of more than 3 millions of rural women in Côte d'Ivoire



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