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29% Raised of $75,000 Goal

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RACES Save Our Services #SOSRACES Photo
RACES Save Our Services #SOSRACES Photo
RACES Save Our Services #SOSRACES Photo

The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Mar 31, 2016

This event is over, but you can still donate to RACES online here: 


I remember walking into RACES for the first time and feeling an enormous weight lifted when my counselor looked at me and said, “It’s not your fault”. It was a seemingly small gesture, but a life changing one in my process of healing. At RACES I felt safe, I felt heard, and I no longer felt so alone.
- Rachel Reardon, Survivor & RACES Child and Adolescent Counselor


Rape, Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services is an irreplaceable community resource. We stand with survivors during every step in their healing process, from crisis intervention to unlimited free counseling sessions.


For 8 months, RACES has continued to provide services for our community despite not receiving nearly $200,000 owed to us by the state of Illinois. We have been forced to make cuts to services and staff, reducing our clients’ access to a safe space to heal.


That’s why we’re launching the Save Our Services campaign! With your help we can keep our doors open and continue providing valuable support to our community.


We need YOU to join us and help fund our future. Donate now to Save Our Services!


Our goal is $75,000, which funds RACES through the end of the fiscal year. This goal, combined with other fundraising efforts, can sustain RACES through the budget impasse and into the future.


Need an extra incentive to give? Every week RACES will draw the name of a donor to win gift cards and other prizes donated by local businesses.


Learn more about RACES at:


Already donated and want to do more? Create a team!


Teams compete against each other to see who can raise more money for SOS RACES. There are even prizes! Click “Set Up Your Fundraiser” to create your team! There are exciting prizes for the teams that raise the most!


Learn more about team creation and prizes:

Thank you to our sponsors: Pizza Antica, Big Grove Tavern, Cafe Kopi, Destihl, Mack Glass, Weiskamp Screen Printing, Urbana Acupuncture, CU Adventures in Time and Space, University YMCA, and Makerspace Urbana.