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SOS Signal For A Homeless, Disabled Veteran

Organized by: Mahogany Revue

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OUR URGENT WISH LIST IS FOR A VET Timothy “Tim” Grant is a 57 years old Disabled Homeless Army Veteran, along with his disabled homeless fiancée. Tim lives in his truck sometimes and other times with family members; but mostly in his truck. Tim expressed; at this point in their lives, how embarrassing this is for he and his fiancée to be disabled, homeless, and struggling to live day-by-day without sometimes being able to see one another or eating a descent meal. It is not only embarrassing but devastating and heart-writhing to him when he thinks about the condition now finds himself faced with. Tim works odds jobs; whenever he can find them, as he struggles to make ends stretch. With his living complications, he is barely making it because he has to supply food for himself and his fiancée; since they were living together before catastrophe struck their dream. Being the proud person he is, he did not want us to reach out online to get assistance for him. We told him to be an Army Veteran; first of all, and to be Disabled and Homeless too, we are going to let others know that he and his fiancée is in need of serious help. He stated that he has gone to the Homeless Council and since he does not have a stable job, they can’t help him. He has been turned from other places he has gone for assistance. Their problem began around 2008 when they decided to move on the small piece of property they had acquired. They planned it out by purchasing a used trailer first and placed it on the property and then worked on getting the water and sewer installed. Before this could take place in Marion County Florida; where they live, they had to have an inspection conducted by the county. After the inspection, the county stated that they had to have a right- away/easement. Where the property is situated, there has always been a right away and the law states, if there is an existing easement or right away, they it will stand as such. Since the county did not honor their own law, this led to many complicated moments for Tim and his fiancée. They hired an attorney; using monies allocated for the project, and his attorney and the opposing attorney had a very close relationship wherein it became a conflict of interest; with no monies returned to them. They then had to hire another attorney and this attorney did not produce the work needed to defend their case but she also keep the money. Now they had to start over again; except this time, they could not find an attorney that was willing to take on the county and their fund was almost depleted. Tim; who was had to drop out of law school, decided to Pro Se the case; representing his case, since time was of the essence and funds were dwindling. He represented himself quite well with all the legal jargons, and documentations that were required to present his case to the court. However, every time he would win in court, the county came up with another reason to circumvent them from moving onto their property. This continued and in 2014 the county literally told him that the property was turned the wrong way… yes, turned the wrong way. The description of the property was on the books as such and there were no notation that the property had to be turned. How does one turn a piece of property that is listed on the deeds as such… without legal entanglement, legal expense, and legal opposition from the other property owner as well? In addition to this, the used trailer structure; since they were not able to live in it has broken down over the years thereby making repairs quite costly. At this point, a contractor was told that it would be more economical to get a newer used trailer which would requires less repairs; thereby requiring less money than the existing trailer. As a Disabled Veteran, Tim should not have to live without a Homeless. Every time he gets a little extra money, off to the attorney it goes. And as for Christmas, he stated that he and his fiancée have not had money to buy each other a card less lone a gift. The only gift we need right now in our lives is our property matters straighten out and a livable trailer to rest our heads. You can tell in Timothy’s voice that he is very, very, tired and want all of this to end so they can live again. Without the help of the global community, Veteran Tim will have to continue to struggle while being Veteran Homeless and Disabled after serving this country well. The funds raised will be used for attorney fees to defend his case with the county so he and his fiancée can move to their property, and to get a newer used trailer properly setup with electricity, running water and septic. Housing: Trailer, Trailer Setup, Well Water Installation, Septic Tank Installation, Electrical pole & Installation Cost: $44,000. The property is located outside of the city limits. Attorney fees: Property Legal Case Rectified: $2,500 Resurveyed: To have the property resurveyed $2,500 The Property Legal Case is past urgent and funds for an attorney is past needed. Tim gets a little extra funds, he send them to the Attorney. The longer it takes to pay the Attorney, the longer it will take to see him and his fiancée to move from their current Homeless status to Happy Home status. So this is why they are on the urgent list. They can’t live on their property. The only thing they do is visit and cry to see how their trailer is crumbling because they do not have the funds for upkeep. He talks with pain every time he speaks about how his dreams of living on his property have been blown away with the wind. Is this a way to have a Vet live, a Disabled Vet; especially, when he is still pushing forward to maintain his pride and dignity! We are not asking for a handout for him, we are asking for a helping dollar to support a VET. Since this project has been going on for years and has reached that crucial mark for Tim, we need all the support we can receive to help another Vet. Other Ways You Can Support Share our campaign! Send us your love! Tell us you what you think about our efforts Please help Tim, our Homeless, Disabled Veteran smile again ANY contribution helps; even $1. Remember, every donation is tax deductible. Even in your donating, please share with your friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, employers, co-workers, employees, EVERYONE, EVERYBODY, from EVERYWHERE! Spreading the word is a huge help. Please share on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Thank you so much in advance!! We can't wait to share this show with you! Veteran Tim can be reach at


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