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2012 Fundraiser



78% Raised of $30,000 Goal

2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo
2012 Fundraiser Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Feb 13, 2013

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Apr 01, 2013


Go hungry so someone else doesn't have to!


Did you know that the latest figures show that 50 million Americans go hungry every day? Here in New York City alone, 1 in 6 people do not have enough to eat.


Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is the biggest in the city. We serve 1,200 hot meals to hungry New Yorkers every single week day. Our funding has been cut and our lines are getting longer. We need your help to keep our doors open during the cold, winter months.


By signing up for the Fast-a-thon, you'll commit to only eating one meal on the day of your fast, the way many of our guests do every day. By taking part, you'll be raising much needed funds while showing your support for people everywhere who are hungry.


How does it work?

It's simple. Choose a day that you want to fast and commit to eating only one meal that day. Then, there are 3 ways to raise money:

1) Donate the money you would have spent on the other two meals to the soup kitchen. Every little helps. $1.00 provides a meal for a guest at the soup kitchen, $28 feeds a guest for a month and $65 feeds a whole family.

2) Ask your friends and family to sponsor you just as you would if you were doing a sponsored run or walk. **Tip** - asking for a donation of a similar amount to a meal you've eaten out together helps!

3) Do both (1) and (2)!


What can I eat for my one meal that day?

To make the experience as authentic as possible, we suggest you select a meal from one of the following options which we serve regularly here at the soup kitchen:

  • Columbian bean stew
  • Rotisserie chicken with boiled potatoes and corn
  • Wholewheat spaghetti and meat sauce
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Salisbury Steak with gravy and mashed potatoes

We always serve additional fresh vegetables alongside all of these options and fruit for dessert so don't scrimp on nutrients on the day.


Where is Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen?

We're at 296 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001, at 28th Street. We serve in the nave of the landmark Holy Apostles church.


How long do I have to go with only one meal?

The official Fast-a-thon hours run from 6am on the day of your fats to 12:01am the next day. You can enjoy your 1 meal any time during that time. Please make sure to drink lots of fluids while you are fasting - water, tea, coffee, juices and sodas are all allowed!


I have special dietary requirements, can I take part?

Sure! You can adapt any of our menus to make a meal that suits your diet. If you have a pre-existing medical condition we suggest you check in with your doctor before signing up.


How do I raise funds?

We've made raising funds really easy with Crowdrise. Simply click here to create your own fundraising page. Join as an individual. Once it's set up you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You can send them the link via e-mail or social media and they can pledge online. If you want to register as a team (setting a shared target with your friends or work colleagues) you can set up a team page. If you'd like a paper sponsorship pack sent out please call us on (212) 924 0167.

**Tip! It helps to tell people where their money will go. You can tell them that 100% of money goes to the soup kitchen. $28 will feed a hungry person for a month, $65 will feed a family for a month...


How much of the funds raised go to help hungry people?

100% of the funds raised go to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen where we feed 1,200 hungry New Yorkers every single day.Your funds will buy much needed food to help our guests through the cold winter months, pay for overheads and also go towards funding our counseling services to help guests move off the soup kitchen line for good by connecting them with benefits, housing and job opportunities.