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CROWDRISE : Jan 18, 2013
Tax ID: 41-2206020
BASED: Phoenix, AZ, United States


Seeds for a Future

We are planting the seeds of self-sufficiency... Can a tiny community in a country of 13 million people – 56% who live in poverty- come together, work as one and become a thriving, self-sufficient entity? The answer is yes, but not without your help!


Seeds for a Future (Semillas Para al Futuro)is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to create a systemic approach to help people help themselves. Through education, leadership training and appropriate tools, people learn self-development while their cultural tradition, natural environment and social structures remain intact. 

Seeds for a Future have supported the poor rural village of Chocolá, Guatemala since 2004, our goal is to help the town escape poverty not just today, but for generations to come, by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate their land with high-value crops. The agricultural reform is an important part of our approach, but we believe education is a critical component to make the change sustainable. Our hope is that our approach will serve as a model for self-development in other poor rural communities in Guatemala and around the world. 

Growing Beyond Coffee, Cultivation Family Gardens and Planting the Seeds of Ideas are all programs that plants seeds of self-sufficiency in Chocolá. Check out the “sites” for each of these projects to learn how you can be a part of an important change.

We believe in fighting poverty and fostering independence, do you? If yes, take action!

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During the month of February 2013 Seeds for a Future’s goal is to raise $3000 to support the Cultivating Family Gardens program. In order to do so we need your help. Visit our fundraising site for more information about the campaign. 

Tax ID: 41-2206020 •


Healthy Kitchens

Healthy Kitchens

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Cultivating Family Food Gardens

Cultivating Family Food Gard…

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