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ORGANIZER: Ecaps rof Stniag

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Space for Giants wrote -

It is our mission to secure a future for the largest mammals on earth forever, to be enjoyed by humanity forever, by ensuring that they have the space and security to live and move freely in the wild forever.

Our vision is to develop new models for conservation that enable people to support and sustain populations of large wild animals and the natural landscapes they depend on.

About us

Space for Giantsis a Kenyan-based charity, built on a decade of applied research and conservation in Africa. It achieves its mission through a talented team of young, dynamic Africans, working on the ground every day to implement four programmes of work:

  1. Preventing poaching;
  2. Securing space;
  3. Building tolerance of elephants; and
  4. Training the next generation of conservationists


Our approach is well informed, local and pragmatic, recognizing that large mammals can only be conserved by gaining the support of land owners and users beyond protected areas, within the human landscape.


Our Conservation Target

Our conservation target is that by 2015 there will be a 90% reduction in the number of elephants illegally killed in Kenya’s Laikipia Ecosystem

Laikipia is one of East Africa’s most important wildlife areas, containing higher densities of large mammals than anywhere else in Kenya, including one of Africa’s last free ranging elephant populations, numbering over 7000 individuals, Kenya’s second largest.  There has been a surge in the illegal killing of elephants here for their ivory or as a result of conflict with cultivators and pastoralists.

By protecting elephants in Laikipia, Space for Giants is also protecting a whole range of other endangered species and some of our activities will be of enormous benefit to elephants and the species that share their range, throughout the world.

Specific Targets

Prevent poaching:

·         Putting in place a team of 30 anti-poaching scouts, supported by aircraft, tracker dogs and a rapid response team.

·         Training local law enforcement agents on wildlife policy and law

·         Tracking the movement of ivory through the illegal market with cutting edge tracking devices

·         Lobbying ivory buying nations in Asia to crack down on the sale of illegal ivory

·         Lobbying the Kenyan Government for an increase in penalties for wildlife crimes


Securing space:

·         Put in place a land conservation team to negotiate space for wildlife on private and community owned lands.

·         Create a new 100,000 acre wildlife conservancy

·         Support the management of 40,000 acre National Wildlife Reserve


Building Tolerance of Elephants

·         Complete construction of the 163 km community electrified fence, to prevent elephants from raiding crops on smallholder farms

·         Support an interactive drama group to perform educational plays in areas affected by poaching and human-elephant conflict

·         Create a mobile-phone based early warning & reporting system that empowers local farmers to protect their crops and supports the wildlife authorities to focus their resources in time & space (mobile phone technology has penetrated rural Kenya to the extent that most local people now have access to a mobile phone)


Training African conservationists:

·         Support 1 African conservationist to complete a PhD at the University of Cambridge

·         Support 4 African conservationists to complete the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge

·         Support 10 of the brightest students from poaching hot spots to complete university education in Kenya

·         Support 20 of the brightest pupils from poaching hot spots to complete secondary school education




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Space for Giants is committed to the conservation and protection of the African Elephant in its natural habitat in Africa.

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