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Spanda Inc. was founded in 2006 by Cedar Rapids, IA, optometrist Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, with the mission of combining eye care services with other health care specialties to improve the lives of all individuals worldwide.

In its first year, Spanda Inc. launched its first mission trip to KipKaren, Kenya, creating its first program, Eye Care Kenya. Since then, Spanda Inc. has helped establish/build a health care clinic containing an eye and dental clinic to serve over 32,000 villagers; brought fresh water to the clinic and local schoolhouse by digging a well through fundraising and the help of a local Rotary club; and is currently working on continuing education for the clinic, as well as developing a sustainable irrigation and crop-rotation plan.

In 2008, Spanda Inc. saw a need in its local community and a second program was formed, Cedar Rapids Vision In Motion (CRVIM). CRVIM is an outpatient occupational therapy clinic specializing in vision rehabilitation services. The clinic serves over 600 patients annually with low vision, vision loss due to a stroke or brain injury, or children who have difficulty learning due to a vision related issue. The goal at CRVIM is to help each patient reach their highest potential in school, work, leisure activity, or in their ability to remain living independent.

Spanda Inc. has and will continue to provide programming that offers a lifetime of ongoing care. Please join us as we continue to bring these vital services to those in need by donating to one of our fundraising projects below.