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Healthy Child Healthy World, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

Spanish Translation Program

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We are $7,500 short of our fundraising goal of $18,500 to kick off our Spanish Translation program, contribute to our Website and Mobile App Bi-Lingual Update. Can you help?

For 20 years, the nonprofit Healthy Child Healthy World has ignited the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.

Millions of America’s children now face a historically unprecedented rise in chronic disease and illness: Autism now affects one in 110 children and has increased more than 600% over the past 30 years; pediatric cancer has increased 30% and is now the leading disease killer of children. Scientists and doctors increasingly point to chemicals in the environment as a cause.

Working with leading pediatricians like Dr. Harvey Karp and Dr. Alan Greene, as well as scientists such as Dr. Philip Landrigan, Healthy Child Healthy World translates the science and creates programs that encourage parents to make simple, easy and affordable lifestyle choices, which can reduce or eliminate toxic chemical exposures in our homes and communities. The simple shifts that Healthy Child recommends are critical to protecting the health of our children, whose developing bodies make them more vulnerable to chemical exposures than adults.

The organization began after five-year-old Colette Chuda died of a rare form of non-hereditary cancer linked to pesticides; her parents, Jim and Nancy Chuda, turned their grief into action and formed Healthy Child Healthy World in 1992.

Today, Healthy Child’s message is timely. There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the United States and none of them have been tested for children’s safety; babies are now born with more than 200 chemicals in their bodies from pre-natal exposure. Ours is the first generation of children who will not live longer lives than their parents.

However, our message is currently inaccessible to many families of Latino children, who now represent one in six children in the United States. Latino children are more affected by health problems linked to environmental factors than any other group. For example, they are 60% more at risk for asthma than white children, and three times more likely to die from asthma as adults.

Many of these problems can be positively affected by simple, easy and cost-effective suggestions found in our 5 Easy Steps, such as opening windows, being careful with plastics, managing pests without pesticides and cleaning homes without chemicals. Healthy Child recommends actions that every parent can embrace—and achieve. That’s why it’s crucial that every parent can access them.

This month, we’re kicking off a campaign to translate core materials—such as our 5 Easy Steps and our “Wake Up Story” video—into Spanish, and integrating them into the Healthy Child Party Kit scholarship program, which donates 10 kits each month to families. We’re also working on a tech overhaul: According to a Pew poll, 51% of Hispanics use their phones to access the Internet, compared with 46% of blacks and 33% of whites. In order to reach more families, we need to update our website with mobile-friendly, bi-lingual capabilities, and translate our mobile app into Spanish.

Until toxic chemicals are eliminated, Healthy Child Healthy World is an essential resource for parents to access critical, consolidated information that can help them to better protect their children, inspire healthier homes and communities.

Please help us reach more parents, so we can create a healthier world. Thank you!



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