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Spark’s mission is to increase the overall investment in women’s organizations around the world by increasing the number of young people who give to women’s causes now and long-term. Tax ID 30-0305014


Spark believes that when grassroots women leaders are fully resourced with investments of grants, pro bono services, and connections, they can be catalysts for empowered, healthy, and fulfilled communities.

Spark is a learning community educating young people on issues impacting women and girls globally, and on best practices in global philanthropy. Spark members vote on which groups receive support, and then work to ensure impact.

Over eight years, Spark has leveraged its network of 11,000 young professionals to raise $1,500,000. Spark has provided grants and pro-bono services to nearly 150 grassroots women’s organizations. Grantees include Estrategia in Peru training women to build sewage systems and seismically-sound homes, and Women’s Water Initiative in Uganda training women to secure water right. 

$50 ensures one girl in Northern Pakistan can receive empowerment training.

$100 means that an at-risk girl in the Far Rockaway Projects can attend summer leadership camp.

$100 also ensures girls in the poor communities of Brazil can receive gender justice training from a professional female soccer player.

Fundraising Campaigns