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EVENT DATE: Jun 22, 2011

Valina Hamilton


In May 2011 the local shelter in Las Cruces, NM took in 1,132 animals and was forced to destroy 577 animals due to overpopulation.  That equates to about 37 animal intakes per day for the month of May 2011.  Every month of the year tells this same story.

In 2010 the total number of animals brought into that same shelter that services the city of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County was nearly 15,000.  Over 8,000 animals were put to death in 2010.  That equates to about 23 animals killed per day last year.

This fundraiser is to benefit the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico.

"The Humane Society of Southern New Mexico is a non-profit 501(c)(3) member based organization formed in 2007, dedicated to saving the lives of animals by developing and sustaining a community coalition of the many programs and services that promote animal welfare.

No one organization can achieve this goal alone. The only true solution is to work together.

Contact us! Call 575-523-8020, or write to HSSNM, PO Box 13826, Las Cruces, NM 88013; or email We'd love to hear from you!"

Your help is urgently needed to save lives! Money donated will help support the fight against overpopulation in our community and support programs like:

Dog and Cat Spay Assistance

To help counter an extreme pet overpopulation in Dona Ana County with the resulting overcrowding and accompanying 11,000 to 12,000 cats and dogs killed annually at the city/county run shelter, Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley (ASCMV), the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico (HSSNM) has dedicated $4,000 for spay-only assistance for female dog and cat pet owners of Dona Ana County.

Current cat and dog owners who avail themselves of the low cost spay surgery at the Animal Service Center of Mesilla Valley will be reimbursed for the $25.00 spay fee for cats and the $35.00 spay fee for dogs currently charged by the ASCMV shelter through a grant provided by HSSNM until grant funds are expended.

Reimbursement is provided only for spaying of female cats and dogs and can be redeemed by submission of copies of the paid spay receipt provided by the ASCMV program and proof of ownership (rabies vaccination certificate or micro chip registration) to Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, P.O. Box 13826, Las Cruces, NM 88013. The reimbursement program begins with spays accomplished after April 15, 2011.

Due to limited veterinary services in areas of the county, difficult recession and income issues and the need to accelerate the reduction of unwanted litters of cats and dogs as rapidly as possible, the grant fund assistance for spay-only is a different approach to reducing our pet overpopulation in the short term. Spaying of four female cats out of five could reduce the number of offspring from 150 to 30 in a perfect reproductive year regardless of the intact males available. HSSNM does still encourage continuing neutering of male cats and dogs for prevention of unwanted litters and possible health and behavior benefits associated with neutering.

For information about the public spay and neuter program at ASCMV, call 382-0018 between 12 noon and 5 PM daily or visit the shelter during the same hours at 3551 Bataan Memorial W., Las Cruces, NM.

Contact: Frank Bryce, President, Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, Phone 575-647-4471
1401 Burley Court, Las Cruces, NM 88013 ### 

Pet Help Line

The pet help line is an important HSSNM program and service to the public. Volunteers answer incoming calls from members of the public, responding to questions and concerns about animals. Volunteers offer information to callers to assist with lost and found animals, for help with homeless/orphan animals, and to provide references in response to questions about health care and animal behavior, and other topics. A volunteer handbook and an animal resource guide are used as references for information. Volunteer training and mentoring are provided. In addition to pet help line work, volunteers in this program often provide clerical assistance in the office.

Bill Smith, a HSSNM volunteer, answers calls for the pet help line and provides other services important to maintaining the office.

Miracle’s Memory Coin & Can Drive” at Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club

An aluminum can and coin drive for animals is a service learning project underway this summer at the Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club. The project is part of our “Critter Connection” program, now in its fourth year at club sites.

The drive is established in memory of Miracle, the basset hound dog featured in a Sun News newspaper article dated June 3rd. See news link on this website. Miracle died from severe neglect/abuse despite rescuers’ efforts during nine days to save her after she was dumped at the animal shelter by her owner. “Miracle’s Memory Coin & Can Drive” will help deserving dogs in foster care with Southern NM Beagle & Basset Rescue, the non-profit organization that rescued and cared for Miracle.

During the coin and can drive this summer, children will be introduced to ambassador basset hound dogs from the rescue organization. They will learn pet care needs, how to be a responsible owner, and abuse prevention.

We are pleased to bring this program with Beagle & Basset Rescue as part of Miracle’s legacy to help other animals.

Critter Connection

Critter Connection is a program centered on humane and environmental education, held at the Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. The program is led by the Humane Society of Southern NM with volunteers participating from TheraPaws with their ambassador dogs and individuals from R.S.V.P., the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, and animal advocates and private citizens in the community.

Volunteers give presentations on topics related to pet care and responsibility or about wildlife and the environment. Presentations include telling or reading stories, showing displays or exhibits, and providing games and hands-on activities. Materials are provided by HSSNM but volunteers are welcome to bring their favorite stories or literature and activities designed for children.

It's fun and rewarding to work with the children in this enrichment and literacy area while imparting humane principles and kindness to animals. Volunteers are always welcome and needed for this successful program now entering its third year.

The Boys & Girls Club is located at 330 W. Las Cruces Ave, off of Alameda. Please call Jean Gilbert at 522-2529 for information or call the club at 644-5331. 

"Roots & Shoots" is a program of the Jane Goodall Institute. It is an international environmental and humanitarian program, started in 1991, geared for youth of all ages. The program is service learning and service project-oriented with focus on improving the lives of people, animals and the environment.

The Humane Society of Southern New Mexico has been a member of the R&S program since 2008 with youth participating from the Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces. The program, lead by HSSNM humane educators and volunteers, takes humane education into the club/classroom with spay-neuter awareness as a primary curriculum area addressing pet overpopulation with focus on responsible pet care.

Children learn the story "Adventures of SNOOTER" about a homeless Chihuahua puppy, rescued by kind people and named "Snooter" for significance of "spay-neuter". With sufficient background information, training, and storytelling skills the Snooter Club Kids take the story to their peers to share and to perpetuate responsible pet care and kindness towards animals.




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