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Maria Svensson's Fundraiser:

The Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2012

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Maria's Photo

Maria Svensson via Crowdrise
June 23, 2012

All are very welcome to donate although not through this site. Many thanks  See more


EVENT DATE: Aug 29, 2012

Maria Svensson


Hello/Hejsan, (Vänligen se brev på svenska lite längre ner).

It has been a dream of mine since 2007 to be part of The Solo Performance Commissioning Project with artist Deborah Hay, and I have now had the courage to apply. However, I cannot, I am not even allowed, to fund this project on my own. I therefore humbly ask for you to support me by donating however big or small amount. I am aware of the various donation campaigns yearning for your pennies but I am hoping that small amounts from many willing people will help cover the cost for this project, which comes to a total of 1100 pounds or 1750 dollars.
Please see below for more information about the project and feel free to contact me would you like to hear more about my aspirations around it.

Many thanks,
Maria Svensson

and now in Swedish. . .


jag har länge drömt om att få delta i ett solo dans projekt med konstnären Deborah Hay. Nu har jag äntligen tagit mod till mig och ansökt. Jag kan dock, och får heller inte, stå för hela kostnaden av detta projekt. Jag ber Er därför att stödja mig genom att skänka en liten eller stor summa med hopp om att många bäckar små blir ett mindre hav. Jag förstår om det är många som suktar efter era slantar men som sagt, om det är många som ger lite ska det nog gå fort att samla ihop till detta projekt vilket kostar 1100 pund eller 1750 dollar.
Vänligen se nedan för mer information om projektet (dock skrivet på engelska) ni är mer än välkomna att höra av er om ni vill att jag ska berätta, förtydliga något eller förklara mina tankar om detta.

Stort tack,
Maria Svensson


The Solo Performance Commissioning Project (SPCP) involves 20 dance artists who commission the same solo dance choreographed by Deborah Hay. They are guided and coached by Deborah Hay in the performance of the solo during a 10-day period in a residency setting. At the conclusion of the residency, each participant signs a contractual agreement to do a daily solo practice of the new piece, for a minimum of three months before their first public performance.

What is unique about the SPCP is that the dance artists must raise the commissioning fee from within his/her community. This becomes the selection process by which a performer attends the SPCP. Community, whether family, friends, local, state, or national grant-giving agencies, or corporations, become the patrons for each dance. All patrons will receive acknowledgment every time the solo is performed by any of the participating dance artists.


Deborah Hay’s orientation to dance is activated by attention to practices of performance. In an intense learning environment she challenges the experienced performer with movement concepts that trigger multiple levels of perception at once. She choreographs the world ‘between’ moments, where movement proclivity plays second fiddle to exercised inquiry.

For more information on Deborah Hay visit


The Solo Performance Commissioning Project developed from the growing necessity to encourage communities to support artists and their growth. The project’s goal has been to:

further professional training for performers;
provide community access to new directions in performance;
help artist and community to work together for the enhancement of their cultural life and traditions.

Beyond the exchange between Deborah Hay and the dance artists, the residency is based on a commitment to involve the larger community in the process of art creation. The commission fee is sought by the artist from his or her community and must not come from the artist’s private resources. Sponsorship may come from relatives, friends, businesses, and local, regional or national arts organizations. All patrons receive acknowledgment every time the solo is performed by any of the participating artists.



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