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 "Give $10.00 dollar & Make a Impact"
Get together with friends or family and donate $10. each to help spread Sickle Cell Awareness!

Donate $10. match with a friend or family and tidal will match the total donations given. 

Many suffer from pain and need the resources and support to love well. Help us bring more attention to Sickle Cell. 




Speak On Sickle Cell Campaign – An S.O.S. Call To President Obama

Speak On Sickle cell is speaking up for a disease that is silently taking lives.

Speak On Sickle Cell ( is campaigning for sickle cell disease.

The campaign goal is to reach 20,000 tweets on hashtag #SpeakOnSickleCellObama trending by June 1st, capturing President Barack Obama’s attention in lending his voice to serve as a catalyst for stronger research efforts, encourage gene testing, improve health practices, and ultimately save lives. Having President Obama Speak On Sickle Cell on World Sickle Cell Day – June 19th, 2016, is something that would create an impact the world desperately needs and begs for. One line from him will change the course of sickle cell disease.

The S.O.S. committee members: Najaam Lee, Cassandra Trimnell and T.J.Brown, all have sickle cell disease and are advocates for the disease, efforts include traveling and speaking in their local communities, state conferences, to inform and discuss issues surrounding sickle cell.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, people who have sickle cell disease experience severe and chronic pain, which can last for weeks or months and can be very hard to bear.

Sickle cell disease was discovered by Western medicine over 200 years ago. It was first documented in 1910 by a physician from Illinois, James B. Herrick. Since then, there has been little advancement of the care and wellness protocol. Sickle cell is so indebted with politics that a cure cannot even be properly focused on or strategized to find.

If the most powerful man in the U.S. acknowledged sickle cell, think of how many lives this would affect. Think of how many more people would get tested for the sickle cell gene. Think of the initiative researchers and scientists would take to provide a universal cure. Think of the voice this would give to those who suffer from the disease. ###

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After a successful campaign last year, we’re back for a second year of the #SpeakOnSickleCellObama Twitter Campaign!

We want President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama to [S]peak [O]n [S]ickle cell for World Sickle Cell Day, June 19th, 2016.

The theme for this year’s Twitter campaign will address negative stigmas within the sickle cell population and community. Help make a difference today and raise awareness for sickle cell.

All you need is a Twitter account and to tweet and/or retweet (repost/share) the hashtag “#SpeakOnSickleCellObama” to President Obama’s Twitter account “@POTUS” and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Twitter account “@FLOTUS“.

With a few tweets per day from each of you, we can double our numbers from last year’s campaign, creating a massive wave of awareness. With raising awareness we also raise funds to help spread awareness worldwide, give speeches and workshops at medical conferences which in turn educates the healthcare at large to implement proper patient care for those suffering with Sickle Cell.


Last year, we achieved over 10,000 tweets under the hashtag #SpeakOnSickleCellObama, with participants from over 20 countries. Our reach was over 3 million people on Twitter.


Pain is the first word somebody would use to describe sickle cell disease. It’s a pain that is debilitating and often requires the strength of the toughest narcotics to tame.

Sickle cell disease is the most common genetic disorder in the world. It is widespread across the world and directly affects millions of people of all races. However, this condition is so neglected that several people who carry the gene won’t ever know they’re a carrier until they have a child born with sickle cell disease. There are at least 100,000 Americans living with sickle cell disease, and 2.5 millions carrying the trait; and in other parts of the world these numbers are exponentially larger, with populations as high as 1 in 4 individuals carrying sickle cell trait. Red blood cells in those with sickle cell become sickle-shaped making it difficult to maneuver in blood vessels. These red blood cells can prevent blood flow and damage the surrounding tissue, causing immense pain. This is called a pain crisis or a pain episode.

There is currently no universal cure for sickle cell disease.

Become a Sickle Cell advocate and help us raise awareness for this neglected disease >>> Donate $10.00 today


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