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Speak for those who CANT

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Ciji Thomas


"Speak for those who CAN'T" is a little movement that will someday, somehow start a revolution. “Speak for those who CAN’T” is a non-profit group/organization which was created after immense amounts of research. From watching tons of videos and reading thousands of articles about the hardships and suffering of many people...I thought to myself, “what am I doing to help those voices be heard?" I'm doing this because we have our fair rights of speech, yet we smother our voices because of the fear of what people might think about us. We do not need to be afraid of fear; just being able to help one person can send ripples across the universe. It's what I'd like to call the "chain of kindness", while others may call it humanitarianism. This is our generation and we HAVE to make a change in this world, and together we can do this! I urge everyone to shed light to the problems in the world, such as human rights, poverty, world hunger, injustice, disease, intolerance, bullying, animal cruelty, women’s rights, abuse, rape, equality, etc. you name it. I want people to be aware of the issues in this world. People need to know that there are over 27 million people enslaved in the world. Over 1 billion people living in poverty. Hundreds to thousands of people die due to of bullying worldwide.

Now I know that I can't do this alone, I'm going to need as much resources as I can get. With the help of you all as my supporters, I know I can get this project off the ground. So any support, prayers, criticisms, and ideas are certainly welcome in this eye opening journey that I wish to explore with others. “Speak for those who CAN’T”: for every person that reads this and spreads the word you are helping save one life of the billions of people who aren’t able to speak for themselves, who are living in fear, who are turned away by the world. I want people to erase ignorance, to not look the other way, to eradicate fear. I ask you to take the step to a better future, one where we can ALL see ourselves living in peace. A world that was envisioned by the greatest of minds, and the strongest of hearts. We can't let them down, because this is our chance and this is our time.



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