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SPED Homeschool

Helping Students Succeed Through Parent-Direction Special Education Homeschooling Tax ID 82-2198504


The purpose of SPED Homeschool is to provide a community service by improving availability and accessibility of special education homeschooling resources to the public from the point of view of experienced special education homeschooling parents; sharing relevant information and resources; educating and encouraging newcomers to connect with their local, state and national resources; provide online social groups; facilitating both remote and local training opportunities; connecting families with helpful resources; and furthering the advancement of special needs homeschool education and support.

Our board and team members volunteer over 75 hours of their time each week to meet our mission goal, by:

  • Creating informative and applicable content through the 3 new articles we publish each week on our website
  • Providing 24-hour support on our Facebook support group
  • Broadcasting a weekly live interview on relevant special education homeschooling topics
  • Producing four videos and a podcast each week based on the live broadcast
  • Vetting curriculum, homeschool, special needs, and therapy organizations
  • Supplying work experience to special education homeschool graduates, who work as our video, graphic design, and social media interns
  • Speaking and/or training services are made available for homeschool and special needs conventions