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Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Spencer Keeton Cunningham
San Francisco, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

I'm an artist and a filmmaker. a skateboarder as well.  Here's some kind, descriptive, words someone wrote about me recently. comparing some things I've made to descriptive quotes and concepts they came up with. Their writing is at times overly falttering and doesn't point out my weaknesses or faults at all. which there are much of but I will let you read and decide for yourself:

"Art should be intriguing. It should be everything you think of and the things you don’t. A painting should evoke feelings. It should stimulate thought-provoking conversations and leave you wanting more. Art should do more than just adorn a wall, it should breathe life into its surroundings. It should redefine a space and transform a place. Austrian actor and inventor Hedy Lamarr once said, “A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.” To see a painting that befriends you is reminiscent of Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s work. His work soothes the soul because of its complexities and familiarity. It captures your instincts and grabs hold of your senses. His work is all the makings of an extraordinary painter.

Spencer Keeton Cunningham was recently named by as one of 12 Emerging Artists to Watch at This Year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii! 2014. Pow! Wow!, which is used to define a celebration of culture, music and art, is comprised of 100 artists who are called to showcase their painting skills in Honolulu, Hawaii. This year Spencer Keeton Cunningham was one of the 100 painters chosen to use his talents to beautify the city. At Pow! Wow! Hawaii!, the artist used his splendid use of colors and collaborated a painting, alongside Oakland’s Skinner, and New Zealand’s Aaron Glasson, to pay tribute to ocean issues with a mural entitled “Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans.” Cunningham was also a feature artist at the art festival Art Basel.

In 2013, Cunningham not only painted his stamp on the wall of a building in Miami for Art Basel, he made his was to a list of recognizable artist. Although his artwork is all over the world his home is in San Francisco. Cunningham’s work is becoming extremely noteworthy. In addition to paintings on Indian culture, Cunningham’s painting “Me and My _____" from an exhibit at the Luggage Store Gallery shows his lighter and clever side. His talent lies in his ability to paint with meaning and his use of vivid and imaginative colors. Technique comes easy for him. It is evident his need for lines and depth is understated by his design. In an interview with art blog, the artist described his painting process as, “I have to see the wall first before I decide what it will become. I like to make each wall specific to the location it’s painted in. Whether it’s a city or a forest. In a city the public interaction is important.” Most of his work embodies this idea of simplicity yet his message is as deliberate and impactful as his surroundings. He is definitely an artist to know.

“I personally don’t consider myself a street artist, although I do paint things in the public occasionally. I am labeled a street artist occasionally on the internet. But I don’t consider myself one. I’m more of a gallery painter. I like to take your gallery and treat it like a large wall or canvas,” Cunningham continued to explain to Whether on the street on in a gallery, his art is definitely making a name for him in a world in desparate need of color, life and imagination. When I think of Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s work I think of the words of actor Viggo Mortensen, “Photography, painting or poetry – those are just extensions of me, how I perceive things; they are my way of communicating.” Which is exactly what Cunningham does every time he paints– craft a story so well that it is gives every day inanimate objects the life that only art can give it." VA Magazine

Spencer Keeton


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