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the Arts and Humanities through the production of community events that provide benefits and enjoyment to our neighbors.

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Spirit of the Arts Foundation…supporting the arts and humanities

Spirit of the Arts Foundation (SOTA) is a 501(c)3 New Jersey non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support and education in the Arts and Humanities through the production of artistic, cultural and musical events.

Our Goals:

The Arts:

  • Establish resources and educational opportunities.
  • Promote the arts, culture and music of the world through the production of events that enrich the community and builds mutually beneficial relationships. 


Establish resources and educational opportunities relating to

  • Local history as well as historical sites
  • Sustainable (green) living
  • Spiritual, physical and financial wellness

Long Term Goals:

To acquire real estate to establish an Arts and Cultural self-sustained (green) venue.  This venue will accommodate resident artists and/or students and will support numerous modalities in the arts and education consistent with our vision.   The venue will provide entertainment, education and enjoyment opportunities for the enrichment of the community.

Course of Action:

To achieve our goals we will:

  • Plan and produce concerts, festival, workshops, classes, retreats, corporate events, community social events and forums that will generate revenue and showcase our local artists and teachers.
  • Solicit donations of money, product, service, talent and time
  • Investigate and apply for grants and games of chance permit to run 50/50’s and raffles
  • Enlist the financial support of sponsors, investors, backers and venture capitalists as needed.