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My name is Rohit Ahuja, and I have been a proud resident of Carteret, New Jersey for nearly a decade now. I am currently a freshman at Harvard University, and I am hoping to concentrate in Computer Science with a secondary in either Economics or Statistics. In the summer of 2014, an 8-week coding boot camp, iExperience, will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. The program will teach programming in the first four weeks and place students in internships at local technology companies in the second, intending to encourage technological creativity, cultural immersion, and the extension of the human capacity. After a rigorous selection process that involved essays and interviews, I have been privileged with acceptance into this program.

By learning in the heart of Cape Town, I will be able to explore the multifarious dimensions of its renowned diversity and experience a different cultural dimension that my past financial considerations have barred me from exploring. In addition, the core of the program focuses on extensively training students in computer science. I will learn a number of programming languages that will help me become a full-fledged web developer. I will create websites that will fuel my creativity and spark my imagination. I will construct code that I have designed in collaboration with other programmers online. I will explore the depths of data storage, web applications, and web design. I will be able to delve into the software aspect of computing and learn one of the most useful skills on this earth: coding.

I truly believe iExperience will provide me with one of the best experiences in my collegiate years, and I would greatly appreciate if you can help me by sponsoring my tuition fees, which comes to around $10,000. A vacation or travel to a world beyond the confines of Carteret was neither a realistic nor affordable venture, for my parents jointly fall in the lower income brackets. The greatest desire for my parents was to have me live the life they could not experience (sorry for cropping you out, mom and dad). A decent education was not something they were fortunate enough to gain. My parents are both immigrants who work blue-collar jobs. And as a first generation college student, I have not been blessed with the same opportunities that many of my classmates in college have.

Growing up amidst shaky financial security, I knew that I couldn’t receive a gift on every one of my birthdays. I knew that I couldn’t go on every class trip in high school. I knew taking classes beyond my high school curriculum wasn’t feasible. I knew that my family and I were living by the margin, with coupon cutting as a better bonding experience than unaffordable vacations. As personal circumstances arose, and as I learned more about the poverty filled paths my family lived, I’ve thought more about these unprecedented advantages that I have as a college student in my family. I am my parent’s resurrection for the life they never lived. I was okay with sacrificing class trips and birthday gifts, but losing out on iExperience is an opportunity I don’t want to give up. It will help me reach my aspirations beyond college: to enter the tech-startup industry and introduce the world to an application that I have brainstormed and designed myself. iExperience will help me succeed, gain financial security for my family, and have my parents live the life they were never fortunate enough to live. It is for this reason that I want to attend iExperience.

And I won’t forget those who have not had the privilege of getting an early exposure to this incredibly useful and growingly necessary skillset. If I become successful in my endeavors, my goal will be to give back to my community. My goal is to donate to Carteret High School—my high school—for the development of a computer science curriculum to teach students the valuable skills of programming that I believe iExperience will teach me. I will ensure that the future generations of Carteret benefit from learning this versatile skill.

Your sponsorships will help me carry out so many of my dreams and aspirations, and any form of contribution is appreciated. Although the program costs $10,000, I would like to set a goal of $5,000 at least. Please feel free to contact me by email at at any time if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and support.



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Rohit is working on selecting a charity so you can support SPONSOR A TRIP TO CODE IN CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA!.