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Mashal Khan's Fundraiser:

Spooktacular Halloween

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Mashal Khan


It’s about to be Halloween and most kids are probably looking forward to having their bags and bellies stuffed with candy. Some less fortunate kids; however, may only be looking forward to a clear glass of water to quench their thirst, a simple meal to fill the void in their bellies or some medication to treat the fever they’ve had for god only knows how long. Am I tugging on your heartstrings? I was hoping to! Do something different this year. Give something other than candy. Help me help UNICEF by raising money to provide children around the world with the basics that we take for granted. The money raised will help save and protect children by providing clean water, nutritious food, lifesaving vaccines and more. Because some kids need more than candy. Imagine a world where all children have a chance to fulfill their potential, where every child has a decent place to sleep, enough food, a classroom and the health to learn, grow and thrive. Imagine a world in which the rights of every child are realized. Think of these children as your own. Please help each child reach their full potential! 

Give a treat this year:

$1 - Gives a child 40 days of clean, safe water

$5 - Feeds a malnourished child for 5 days

$10 - Vaccinates 280 children

$100 - Protects 100 kids from malaria

$500 - Installs a water pump to serve a whole village


Be the savior each child is looking for! 







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