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Squashbusters Inc

For 20 years, SQB’s broadest aim has been to improve the lives of its students by immersing them in a very intensive and long term program in squash, academics, community service, mentoring, summer opportunities, and college access and support. We believe that it is this kind of sustained engagement and exposure that improve the skills and attitudes of young people and elevates their aspirations. Tax ID 04-3330698


The first urban squash program of its kind, SquashBusters is a sports-based after school youth development program that uses a combination of squash and fitness, academic enrichment, community service and character development to open doors and prepare students for college.  Now serving 205 students in Boston and Lawrence plus 59 students in college, SquashBusters has three long-term goals:

1.  All students enroll in and graduate from college

2.  All students embrace and embody lifelong habits of health and wellness

3.  All students develop a deep sense of character and personal integrity