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Why build a Temple?

Mandir is the Hindu name for a place of worship or prayer. Mandir is a Sanskrit word for where the mind becomes still and the soul floats freely to seek the source of life, peace, joy and comfort. For centuries, the mandir has remained a center of life - common communities place where people forget their differences and voluntarily unite to serve society.

Mandir is a Centre for learning about man, nature and God. It is where ethics and values are reinforced. It is where people celebrate festivals and seek shelter in sad times. It is where talents in various arts - music, literature and sculpture - are offered in the selflessly and without any competitive intent, or personal pomp and glory.

Simply through their architecture and symbolism, any public monuments promote pride in one’s country and its values, and thus spread a beneficial social message. In the same way that the architecture of public monuments, and for that matter, all architecture promotes a message, the architecture of a mandir also promotes a message that is spiritually and socially beneficial. The architecture of the mandir evokes feelings of purity, devotional fervor, faith, wonder at the splendor of God, and pride in one’s culture.

A mandir teaches the individual to live life virtuously. It teaches the individual to distinguish right from wrong. It molds the character of the individual and teaches one to live life in such a way that one does not harm one’s own self or society.

What distinguishes Sri Ayyappa Temple, Tampa, FL USA

Sri Ayyappa Temple, Tampa, FL can be seen through its role as a host for a variety of humanitarian activities. It has not just envisioned to remain a center of worship, but rather, to evolve into a vast center for activities in the form of anti-addiction, anti-dowry, family bonding, and literacy campaigns and encompassing many roles to serve the special needs of society. In addition to its pivotal function in religious worship, it serves as a center for intellectual and artistic life patronizing sculpture, architecture, painting and performing arts.

At Sri Ayyappa Temple, the community itself just operates as a family of families. As a result, the environment allows one family to mingle with and learn from many other highly functional and cohesive families.

We urge to invest in evolving such an institution for generations to come and leave a positive legacy behind.

Please donate to the great cause of building Sri Ayyappa Temple at Tampa, the Sabirimala of USA.

Tampa Vaasa Ayyappa, Pamba Vaasa Ayyappa

Swami Shararam!!