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2nd Annual SSM Physical Therapy 5K/10K Run for the Mission Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Oct 22, 2016

SSM Physical Therapy is hosting the 2nd Annual SSM Physical Therapy 5K/10K Run for the Mission. All proceeds of the race are going to an AMAZING charity called DASA!! Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA) is a nonprofit organization that strives everyday to help individuals with physical, visual and hearing impairments participate in sports. Without DASA, these individuals would have limited opportunity to play in school sport, recreational programs or compete at the national level.....but this is what DASA does! DASA works with children, adults, veterans, and many others to fit and prepare them to play in a sport. Sports include: swimming, track & field, fencing, martial arts, rock climbing, power wheelchair soccer, and many more. DASA athletes are true Rock Stars....some are even Paralympic Gold Medalists! They need your donation and the help of the community to continue their mission! Words cannot express how truly grateful DASA and SSM Physical Therapy are for your generosity!