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Stable Influence Charity Programs

Stable Influence Charity Programs
CROWDRISE : Jul 26, 2017
Tax ID: 86-0927834
BASED: Phoenix, AZ, United States


Stable Influence Charity Pro...

Therapeutic Riding

It is the express mission of Stable Influence — to provide excellence in therapeutic horseback riding education for both youths and adults who are physically, mentally and/or emotionally challenged. We foster partnerships with our community, families and volunteers in such a way that we are able to meet the needs of our students and maximize their potential for success. "Appreciating the power of the horse to change lives." -PATH Intl.

For millennia, people the world over have had a working and love relationship with horses; and though horses are no longer needed in the service of man, the love for these beautiful creatures remains.  The recreation and sports associated with horseback riding are not only enjoyable, but have been proven to be therapeutic.   Individuals with disabilities are challenged by the activity, and are not only rewarded by it, but realize it as a road to recovery.   For them it's a chance for building self-confidence, promoting independence, and providing a sense of normalcy not otherwise available.Whether it's a 7-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, or a 75-year-old victim of stroke, their many stories and successes will touch you.   This program improves lives.   This program works! 

Tax ID: 86-0927834 •


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