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ORGANIZER: District 8

EVENT DATE: Oct 01, 2011

Mark Stetson


District 8 Marietta Fire wrote -

The History:

For the past few years, Stachetober has been a sort of solidarity pledge to the fire service (like, "I love the fire service so much, I'm willing to look like an idiot to prove it"). Since that's kind of foolish, this year we're trying to use it as an outlet to raise money and awareness for Northwest Burn Foundation -a great organization that does a lot to help local burn survivors and their families.  Check out for more info on what they do

A few things to consider:

1. You don't have to grow a mustache to participate in Stachetober!  It'd be a lot cooler if you did, but it's mostly about raising money for a good cause.   Feel free to just hassle your friends/family/co-workers to donate to the cause, and all will be good.  If you want to grow out your eyelashes or arm hair, you won't get any complaints here...

2. Start your own Stachetober Team! If you want to start your own team (and collectively fundraise as a group), when you're registering with CrowdRise make sure to put your team name in the First/Last name boxes.  As soon as your page is created, invite your friends, family and colleagues to join your group to fundraise together.

For the Hardest of the Hardcore, here are the growing rules:

1. You must be 'stache-less on September 30th.

2. Grow that upper-lip until October 31st (if you start to love it - feel free to keep it going)

3. No beards.  Everyone looks cooler with a beard - it's too easy.  Besides, in the fire service they're not allowed. The skin around the jaw-line (where an SCBA mask needs to seal) should stay clean shaven.  One concession - the soul patch. 

The Team: $4,755 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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District 8 Marietta Fire

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30% Raised of $5,000 Goal

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Joel Young

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Aaron Solowski

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103% Raised of $700 Goal

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Mike Bakke

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Bill Hewett

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