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Thank you so much for your g…
Thank you so much for your generous donation to Crosby's Fund. It means so much to me and my family to have your support. We have been working tirelessly this year to raise more money and spend it to help families and children facing pediatric cancer.

Pediatric cancer research funding is being effected by further budget cuts, making Crosby’s Fund all the more important. We promise that 100% of your donation will go straight to pediatric cancer research focusing on neuroblastoma.

The research funded by Crosby’s Fund at the UofR has made great strides this year. Here's a brief update:

· Dr. Li is planning to submit a proposal to the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for funding in the near future.

· His work has been so impressive that in partnership with the University of Rochester, we've agreed to extend his contract for another 3 years.

· In conjunction with Dr. Li’s contract extension, The University has agreed to hire a fellow to assist Dr. Li in his research.

· We are not only extending the program, we are also expanding the program.

Thank you again for believing in our cause and allowing us to carry on Crosby's fight. We couldn't do it without you.

Much Love,
Zoe & Kevin

4 years ago
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Mara SAYS:
Hello Joel and Stacia! We l…
Hello Joel and Stacia!

We love you and can't thank you enough for being such an important part in our lives! You are both amazing and we are thrilled you are a part of the team again! (Well, Joel from the sidelines - unless you choose to walk with Ted - he's thrilled - LOL)

Thank you for supporting the team, the cause and our family!

We love you and yes you too have another family in ours!



5 years ago
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Helene SAYS:
October vote for you ! good …
October vote for you ! good luck on your project ! raise a ton of money ! have the best day ever !

PS: please check out my page ! :)
7 years ago
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Carol SAYS:
October vote!
October vote!
7 years ago
Carolyn & Michael
Carolyn & Mic… SAYS:
Hi everyone, The big day i…
Hi everyone,

The big day is quickly approaching and this team is doing an AMAZING job raising money for Crosby's Fund!

Just a few things -

*There will be a post-race gathering tent in the garden at the GEH for the Crosby's Fund team. Zoe & Kevin are hoping for a chance to see their friends & family that are participating.

*We have team t-shirts for everyone running or walking for Crosby's Fund. Please let me know your shirt size ASAP so we can place the order. My email is and my cell is 455-8955, and I'm also on Facebook.

*Just to clarify, none of the $20 registration fee goes to Crosby's Fund, it only goes to the Geo Eastman House. We raise money separately for Crosby's Fund through this website or by collecting checks.

* The following people still need to register for the race at:  

Chad Borden
Dan Clifford
John Danieu
David Difusco
Katie Falter
Carol Fitz
Tim Fitz
Kate Galbato
Heather Goetzman
Mary Ann Hanna
Patrick Hanna
Peter Hebert
Adam Hiller
Jeanne Leasure
Meagan Mahar
Emily McAvinney
Beth McDermott
Jim McDermott
Bill Meagher
Renee Milliken
Jonilyn Olandag
Pete Palermo
Doug Parker
Judy Ronchetti
Sara Scharr
Hilary Short
Kari Wilmot
Tim Wilmot

*If you still have an "orange swirl", please post a profile picture to replace it. I think there are still about 25 or 30 that need to do this. We want people donating to see who the people are making up this awesome team!

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication to Crosby! Together we will make a difference!

7 years ago
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Carolyn & Michael
Carolyn & Mic… SAYS:
Happy Monday, Team! :) We'r…
Happy Monday, Team! :)

We're just about a month away from the big day and we're already at 68% of our goal of raising $50,000 for Crosby's Fund!

Here's a challenge to all the members on the project team that haven't started fundraising yet: HELP US REACH $40,000 today. Yep, today! If those of you who are currently at $0 were able to raise only $143 each, we'd reach today's goal.

I hope you take the challenge, and push us up to $40,000 by the end of the day today.

Thanks to everyone for your support and enthusiasm. This is the best team ever!


7 years ago
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Carolyn & Michael
Carolyn & Mic… SAYS:
Good morning, team! If you h…
Good morning, team! If you haven't already, will you please replace your orange swirly with a photo for your profile?
Let's keep up the great work and raise some serious money for Crosby's Fund! Every donation makes a difference, whether it's $10 or $20, or $100. We've got almost 60 team members now. If everyone raised even $100 total, it would be a significant chunk of money.
Thanks for your support,
7 years ago
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George SAYS:
Dear Stacia, Thank you for …
Dear Stacia, Thank you for responding to the Tweet and putting Croby's Fund over the $25k threshold. Your godson is inspiring so much generosity. You sound like one of the greatest godparents ever. My best. Mr. E
7 years ago
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Carolyn & Michael
Carolyn & Mic… SAYS:
Hi everyone, thanks so much …
Hi everyone, thanks so much for joining Team Wish List for Crosby's Fund!

We have lots to proud of right now. We've already got 47 team members, and through your hard work and efforts we've already raised over $21,000! On top of that, our team is currently NUMBER 1 on the Photofinish Team Leaderboard. Let's all keep up the great work.

If you haven't put up a profile picture yet, will you please do that? It's much more personal than the orange swirly circle! :-)

Thanks again,

7 years ago
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Carolyn & Michael
Carolyn & Mic… SAYS:
Thank you so much for joinin…
Thank you so much for joining Team Wish List! We're so thrilled that you're willing to give your time for this great cause - raising money for Crosby's Fund. If you get a chance, please add your photo to your profile page so we can see all of your beautiful faces on the team page. Thanks again! :)
7 years ago
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Stacia Migliore
Stacia Migliore
Rochester, NY United States
Stuff About Me:

"Crosbys Fund" is a local charity for Pediatric Cancer Research at Wilmot Cancer Center.  This Fund means the world to Crosby's family, and SO MANY others of us who were so fortunate to know and love this fun loving, head strong, silly, and beautiful blue eyed baby boy. By raising money for research and awareness, together, we can help other children fight their battles with cancer! XOXO



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