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Tina Dickinson's Fundraiser:

Standing With Jory

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Tina Dickinson


December 16th 2001.  Jory was 18.  We were snow tubing. Jory and I shared a tube downhill. We hit an embankment at the bottom which seemed a little hard, but nothing over the top. We were laughing, enjoying the moment, when Jory said his back hurt really badly. Within minutes, he said his legs were going numb. Although we went to the hospital, I thought Jory was panicking a little and things were okay. When the doctors told me he was paralyzed, I lost it. In that moment I understood why people drop to the floor when they get bad news.  I just dropped down, covered my head and said, “No, no, no” repeatedly. Jory ripped a vertebrae apart and the subsequent swelling of the spinal cord caused his level T-7 paralysis. They did surgery to stabilize his back. I still question that decision because the other young man there didn't have the surgery and recovered.

Jory is very witty and fun loving, but began to get depressed after about a year. He broke my heart one day when he asked me, "Is this it"?  Instinctively, I found a car for him and suggested he take a college level mechanic class to get it up and running.  After nine years, I am proud to say Jory got his BA in Graphic Design.

After all those years and no physical therapy, I managed to get Jory into Project Walk last year. In just two weeks, he was getting control over muscle spasms that used to almost yank him from his chair. The physical therapy improved his pain caused by osteoporosis and degenerative discs.  He was also able to stand, something he hasn't been able to do since leaving.  At Project Walk, Jory enjoyed spending time with others who share his condition. They showed him he can have a life because they have lives. He now works hard, lifts weights and enters races off and on and it is huge for him. Someday, he wants to participate in Para Olympics. 

We are supporting The Walking With Anthony Foundation in Beverly Hills because we met Micki and Anthony at Project Walk and know they know how important recovery is for SCI and are desperately trying to raise the funds to help my son and others like him. They give us hope that Jory will live some semblance of the normal life he craves.  If he can get into recovery, the possibilities are endless.  


Insurance does not cover a Spinal Cord Injury. There are many issues beyond the inability to walk after a spinal cord injury. Most suffering from this life altering injury do not have the resources necessary to achieve a fruitful recovery. Walking With Anthony is on a mission to give those less fortunate back their quality of life.  Whether it's an equipped van, all terrain wheelchair or physical therapy, these individuals are desperate for our help so they can gain the mobility they need to live stronger, healthier, more independent lives.  


Below is a list of the average costs for physical therapeutic rehabilitation.  Please support our cause.  Every donation counts.  Just Donate.. 

$50 = 1/2 hour of rehab                 
$100 = 1 hour of rehab
$500 = 2 weeks of rehab                 
$1000 = 1 month of rehab

Your gift will also help WALKING WITH ANTHONY raise the necessary funds to:

Educate/Raise Awareness
Support SCI Research
Expand SCI Rehab Centers
Financially Assist Individuals with SCI



Get involved!  Share this page with your friends and encourage them to join our wonderful community of supporters.  Get others involved by holding neighborhood or social media fundraisers.                                          

Like and Share us on FACEBOOK – Follow and Retweet us on TWITTER – Watch us on YOUTUBE and post the videos.  Together we can change lives!!


You may also mail a check to:


9903 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 1024

Beverly Hills, CA 90212       Please note "CROWDRISE" in the Memo                                           


Email us with any questions: 






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