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Veteran's Benefit Project New Hope

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EVENT: Crowdrise Holiday Fundraiser Thing

EVENT DATE: Apr 17, 2014

Jess Miller


BENEFITING: Project New Hope

EVENT: Stand Up and Salute Comedy Show, A Benefit for Veterans through Project New Hope

GOAL: To raise $10,000 for Project New Hope by show time, April 17, 2014


I found out about PROJECT NEW HOPE in October 2013 and its incredibly important mission to help and support Veterans by providing FREE retreats to Veterans and their families.  

I'd really like you to join my team. If you can donate $20, that would be great – I‘d appreciate it. If you can ask 10 of your friends to give $20 – well, then awesome.  If those 10 friends can ask 10 of their friends - um, awesome-er!  And if those 10 friends ask 10 more of their friends, it would be even more AWESOME-ER-ER!!!

Because when you support PNH, you’re helping the future of a Veteran who served our country who is now struggling to put the pieces of their life back together.  


Joining the Team is easy. Just click the button to the right, and you'll see instructions if necessary. Once you're a part of the team, ask all of your friends to support your fundraiser with a small donation.

You can also give the gift of a donation in a friend or loved one's name by sending an e-gift card, and they will love you for it.


There are over 2.3 million American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (compared to 2.6 million Vietnam veterans who fought in Vietnam; there are 8.2 million "Vietnam Era Veterans" (personnel who served anywhere during any time of the Vietnam War)

At least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have PTSD and/or Depression. (Military counselors I have interviewed state that, in their opinion, the percentage of veterans with PTSD is much higher; the number climbs higher when combined with TBI.) Other accepted studies have found a PTSD prevalence of 14%; see a complete review of PTSD prevalence studies, which quotes studies with findings ranging from 4 -17% of Iraq War veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder)

50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment

Out of the half that seek treatment, only half of them get "minimally adequate" treatment (RAND study)

19% of veterans may have traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Over 260,000 veterans from OIF and OEF so far have been diagnosed with TBI. Traumatic brain injury is much more common in the general population than previously thought: according to the CDC, over 1,700,000 Americans have a traumatic brain injury each year; in Canada 20% of teens had TBI resulting in hospital admission or that involved over 5 minutes of unconsciousness (VA surgeon reporting in BBC News)

7% of veterans have both post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

Rates of post-traumatic stress are greater for these wars than prior conflicts

In times of peace, in any given year, about 4% (actually 3.6%) of the general population have PTSD (caused by natural disasters, car accidents, abuse, etc.) Recent statistical studies show that rates of veteran suicide are much higher than previously thought (see suicide prevention page).

PTSD distribution between services for OND, OIF, and OEF: Army 67% of cases, Air Force 9%, Navy 11%, and Marines 13%. (Congressional Research Service, Sept. 2010)

Recent sample of 600 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan found: 14% post-traumatic stress disorder; 39% alcohol abuse; 3% drug abuse. Major depression also a problem. "Mental and Physical Health Status and Alcohol and Drug Use Following Return From Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan." Susan V. Eisen, PhD

Oddly, statistics for veteran tobacco use are never reported alongside PTSD statistics, even though increases in rates of smoking are strongly correlated with the stress of deployment and combat, and smoking statistics show that tobacco use is tremendously damaging and costly for soldiers.

More active duty personnel die by own hand than combat in 2012 (New York Times)


MST (Military Sexual Trauma) Statistics:

79% of women serving in the military since Vietnam reported experiences of sexual harassment

In a study of a sample of veterans who were seeking VA disability benefits for PTSD, 71% of women and 4% of men reported an in-service sexual assault. For men, the assault was more likely to occur while out of service; for women, the opposite was true

Sexual assaults that occur in the military are often not isolated incidents and may involve more than one perpetrator—37% of women veterans report being raped at least twice, and 14% report experiences of gang rape

Some evidence suggests that black women in the military are more likely to experience more severe forms of harassment compared to their white women counterparts, including unwanted sexual attention and sexual coercion

Project New Hope is a volunteer-based organization offering free programs to Veterans and their families from across New England. We’re always welcoming new volunteers and donations to help fund our retreats, and are grateful for your support to continue, develop and extend our programs.

Project New Hope Inc. is an organization that empowers Veterans and their families; helping them address Post-Deployment Challenges, fears and the stigma that sometimes Veterans and their families encounter. Project New Hope uses a strength based supportive approach through group discussions, peer sharing experiences and holistic approaches to healing so that our retreat attendees can return from a Project New Hope retreat to their lives, re-charged in hope and committed to succeeding in all they do.

PNH believes the most important steps towards a Veteran’s road to recovery are the support and interaction with those who have shared military service. That’s why we offer weekend-long retreats where Veterans and their loved ones can enjoy relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, live music and interact with other Veterans. Guest speakers and interactive workshops also help attendees understand and express their views on the “new normal” of life and provide them with opportunities to discover effective adjustment strategies. Additionally, the exposure to coping skills and education within a group setting instills camaraderie among Vets, wounded warriors and military families.

All members of the Veteran’s family are welcome at retreats. They’re a great way for spouses to learn to cope with whatever feelings they have built up, from stress and anger to sadness and resent. Even children can benefit from the tools we offer to help them handle their feelings.

Our goals are to help the Veteran lead a better life and offer information for recognizing symptoms and triggers of military-related occupational stress injuries. With loved ones and other Veterans, participants build networks of friendship and support for the real world. The retreats offer group support that provides Veterans with an outpouring of peer support network afterwards.
The staff and volunteers of our retreats are experienced veterans, DOD/VA experts, local service/support providers and community members.

Project New Hope (MA) serves all six New England states individually and as a whole.


LGBTQ Retreat (Feb 21-23, 2014)
Military Sexual Trauma for Veterans Only (April 11-13, 2014)
Family Retreat (June 13-15, 2014)
TBI Family Retreat (September 26-28, 2014)
Women Veterans Retreat (October 3-5, 2014)

Find out more about Project New Hope by visiting their website at

Please join me in supporting PNH and raising $10,000 by April 17, 2014 before the show starts.

This group does amazing and invaluable work for Veterans who need the support and assistance this type of organization offers.

Thank you, on behalf of Veterans and PNH, for your support.



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