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Starbright Foundation rescues children caught in severe abuse and human sex trafficking.  The various types of abuse include physical, emotional, satanic cult abuse, neglect, emotional, clergy abuse and human sex trafficking.  The children served range from infant to age 18.  Starbright also provides free counseling, food and clothing to any child in need.  Starbright also educates parents and children on safety measures and issues related to human sex trafficking. Starbright Foundation was a recent guest on the Dr Oz show with Lisa Ling bringing awareness to the top crime of modern day slavery and human sex trafficking.

Starbright Foundation Objectives:

1. To bring public awareness of the enormity of the crimes of sexual abuse against our children within the United States.

2. To raise funds for existing programs and services which accomplish our objectives effectively.

3. To raise the funds needed to maintain and operate the first of its kind "SAFE HOUSE"  facility in the United States for children and young women who are the victims of sex trafficking and other forms of abuse, in association with a children's hospice where needed...while establishing various "safe homes" to network together to meet the varied levels of need for abuse victims.

Your generous tax deductible donation  allows the foundation to provide medical and psychological help to the rescued victims in a safe and peaceful environment.