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Starfish Foundation

Mission: Assist emotional trauma survivors to release their grief, rage and shame; and allow joy, productivity and prosperity back into their and their families lives. Primary Goal: Provide funds for those unable to pay for participation in emotional healing work and sponsoring programs for veterans designed to promote emotional healing. Tax ID 39-1847399


The Starfish Foundation helps with the healing of emotional trauma through scholarships and sponsorships of programs dedicated to this purpose.


Individuals attending programs for emotional healing can apply for scholarships to help pay for the cost of the program. Often, the people most in need of healing are also experiencing financial difficulties that would ordinarily prevent them from doing their healing work. Applicants complete a simple financial statement, with a letter stating why they are requesting a scholarship and how they will pay it forward so others can heal.


There are thousands of veterans who returned from service with PTSD and other emotional difficulties. We believe they have already paid with their service and they should not have to continue to pay for assistance in emotional healing.The Starfish Foundation raises funds to sponsor the Healing Warrior Hearts retreats so that veterans and their families can attend at no charge..


We have also shared our blessings through grants to other non-profit organizations, like Camp American Legion in Wisconsin. This is not our primary focus, however we help when we can.