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CROWDRISE : Apr 29, 2014
Tax ID: 11-2976420
BASED: Wyandanch, NY, United States



education for the earth

Starflower Experiences is an educational organization with an environmental focus. We want people to use their head (understandings), their heart (feelings) and their hands (action) to reduce their impact on the planet.

Starflower Experiences (established in 1989) is a local educational not for profit organization striving to help people understand and appreciate natural systems and to seek ways to live more in harmony with these natural systems and communities of life. In short, we want to improve people’s relationship with the earth; that means we strive to help people learn to live in more sustainable ways as well as care for and about our local natural places. Much of our current educational programming focuses on youth.

We have been running the Rangers of the Earth program in Wyandanch for 12 years and want to continue doing so. Wyandanch is a small, low-income, minority school district. Current trainees are 4th & 5th graders each year and we continue to meet with those who have completed their training in prior years. These young people keep up the paper recycling program in the elementary and middle schools and work on other projects that may have an impact at their school or in their community. When funding permits, we try to arrange extra trips for them during the spring break and in the summer to experience other natural places and build on their knowledge about caring for the earth.

Thanks to the Whole Kids Foundation, we were able to start a garden at the middle school in Wyandanch. We are looking to have a lot more involvement from classes and clubs at the school--beyond our own Earth Rangers.

We are also working to grow our own home base at Manor Farm in Huntington into a model ecologically sound living and learning site.

Tax ID: 11-2976420 •


Milton L. Olive Middle School Garden 2015

Milton L. Olive Middle Schoo…

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Milton L Olive Middle School

Milton L Olive Middle School

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