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CROWDRISE : Mar 25, 2013
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NeuroScience Foundation

NeuroScience Foundation supports local research to improve and accelerate treatments that significantly improve the lives of people suffering from devastating diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are some of the devastating diseases that strike patients in the prime of their life and cause great family and societal burdens. The process of finding new treatments is extremely slow compared to the progression of the diseases themselves. Many of these diseases strike patients in the prime of their life, causing great family and societal burdens. Neurological disease has a devastating effect on the quality of life and a huge economic and social impact. It is estimated the direct and indirect cost of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is $100 billion. Strokes cost the United States $28 billion in medical care and therapy, Parkinson’s add another $5.6 billion.

Failure to support research will put people at risk and damage patient care of the future. The timeframe to conduct research and achieve approval from the FDA is a lengthy process which sometimes takes over 10 years. This is a relatively slow process compared to the progression of the disease itself. These diseases derive from multiple factors including genetics, abnormalities, environmental toxin exposures, and pathological deterioration of brain cells and blood vessels which lead to further disability. Our foundation proposes to speed up the process by finding quality treatments for these diseases by allowing sites to participate in many neurological trials to include stroke and Alzheimer’s disease that are currently financially out of reach.

NeuroScience Foundation is dedicated to encouraging and opening the availability of neurological research by supporting clinical research, public outreach and education focused on neurological diseases. Funds will be raised to enhance neurological research, start new medical research sites, train new research employees, and encourage hospital research on a local level. We propose to supplement existing research sites in Georgia and then expand to the Southeastern States. Our goal is to find treatments which reverse the symptoms and disabilities of neurological diseases. This will mean not only treating the disease but finding ways to diagnose neurological disease early enough to prevent the disease from developing.



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