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Our purpose is to inspire and fund kids to engage in their own community service and philanthropy efforts. By doing so, children will understand the power that they hold to affect change in the world around them. This will lead to a lifelong interest in serving and begin to create a culture of service and a generation of givers.

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The Mission of Start A Snowball is the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Service: It is the responsibility of everyone, and if each one of us can help the world around us the world would be a much better place.
  • Possibility: It is possible for one person to make an enormous difference through a seemingly small effort to help someone. These actions can have long lasting and broad reaching ripples.
  • Support: Through offering resources and community we can empower youth to make huge impacts.
  • Growth: As we teach children about serving others we can create a movement that can influence a generation to become a generation of givers.