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Sharlene Angels On Earth Inc's Fundraiser:

Starting Over

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We are raising funds to help those who are starting over after leaving an abusive, violent relationship. Those who have done this understands the need to do this type of fundraiser....and those who do not please take the time to read this and if possible reach into your wallet, purse, pull out your credit card and please also make a donation in any amount to help someone who is in need of a caring person...this is a Crime that happens to more people than you may realize, it happens to women and children, and is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of women, and kills more woman and children than any other crime...and believe it or not men can be victims as well ....this Crime does not have a Color, Race or Age...and until you have lived it, it is hard to understand....(this Fund raiser is to help those trying to start over with deposits, such as Electric, Gas, Water, or in time of need when there is no other income, or job available to pay the bills and keep a roof over your children's heads...) maybe this true story will help you True Story Kathy's Story Sometimes when I can get out the door I will go and sit in the library or the park, but the walk is really long and he usually finds me by driving around in the car and stopping me and making me come back home. Other times when I ran out of the house after he almost choked me to the stage of passing out, I would run down the street and hide in the bushes and watched for him to pass with the car up and down looking for me. He would then probably think I might have went to the police or a neighbor and he will go back inside our home. I can see him through the front window. Pacing back and forth looking out the window for me, and getting drunker. But he never passes out, he will wait till I finally come through the door. On this one particular night I hid in the other car and he found me about 4 am and told me to come inside that he would not hit me and I did, he went to sleep on the couch. One night I managed to get of the house and away from him when he went to get a gun and told me, he was going to shoot him and me. Before leaving, I called his sister, pleading with her to help me. I figured he couldn't talk to his sister and run after me at the same time, his sister has never seen him this way, so the next day it started with why did you make me do that! Today I sit with several bruises on about every limb of my body that was a from a fight four days ago. He made me cut my hair because it was so uneven where he pulled it out, (he did the cutting to the length that he was comfortable with). He said if I go to a salon he will go also and have it cut the way he wants it. When he sits next to me on the couch in the evening and all is okay, he will brush on one of the bruises and I cringe because it hurts. I move slowly because I am sore and at this point don't even want to start a conversation for fear it will be controversial and I won't agree with his point of view. I have left many times... but I end up coming back him, where do I go, how can I go? I have no money, he wont let me work, and if I could leave and was able find a job, where would I live, I don't have money for deposits, or I end up coming back to him.. This above is a story that happens daily to hundreds of people.... this fundraiser is to help those who do manage to leave and are Starting giving assistance where needed for those who are looking for help Please consider making a donation, Sharlene's Angels On Earth Inc. Is a 501c3 organization...and your donation is tax-deductible. thank you



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