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Website is finally up and running! Check in every so often because every day we are adding creatively new and wonderful things! God Bless!  See more


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Hello, I am Eva Upchurch, a 35year old, unemployed, mother. My husband is the only income. Yet, I have seemingly gone slightly crazy. You have to know the story to understand... I recently had a job. Physical, long hours, and repetitive movements with heavy products in the factory seemingly was not good for my health. My arms would lock up and have muscular swelling. "Not again!?" I thought. So I seen doctors about it. When I looked over the paperwork sent home with me, it took my breath away. Jumping off the page at me was the word LUPUS.

Of course, the first thing I did was research it. No! Not on Web MD, I binged and looked up what that meant through the actual foundations and such. The more I read, the more it made since to me. The strokes in my cerebellum. Arthritis systems that made no sense. The changes in my skin with rashes and peeling. Bronchitis that didn't seem to clear; as well as my blood sugar roller coaster rides. The muscle spasms, swelling, pains and tingling, finally and very suddenly made since. Then, I remembered the conversation with the lab-technician for several vials of blood. "Wow, did they say why so many tests?" she asked. I joked it off, "Maybe, to see why I'm still upright?" That was more than a month ago and it still echos in my head.

But, that's not the actual reason. Nope. I am also a Sunday school teacher for teenagers at my church.(For those who actually know me that is a big change from where I had been in the past, and I never said I was perfect. In fact far from it, yet strive for it everyday.) A few weekends back I was short on kids and attend the adults' class, the lesson was about giving whatever we could and using gifts and talents God gave to us for his good works. That's when it truly dawned on me. I had been having a pity party for myself (solo). All because I finally got answer about my health and about the same time had to quit working at the factory without another job lined up like I had been wanting.

Well, that's when I redirected my focus from me, my worries, and started looking into the community to do something about it. As I started this quest to better my situation, I was surprised to find little help and I still am looking. But any way, on this search, I kept coming across others who had things happening to them that could not find any assistance either. Another Sunday came and the lessons followed a similar subject as the one before; reach out to others who was needing help (that's what I got from them). My focus at this point finally pulled that 180 from internal to external.

Since, the quest has been to gather as much information within the community about the area and to organize it and distribute from one central location. Wow! Still in the process of that, yet have started a campaign for a friend and others who rescue pets from being euthanized by our local animal shelter. I'll get to that a little bit later. Where was I? Oh, the website, OK. Yes, The website is almost completed and looking for local small businesses to advertise on our site. The full span of the website is best listed as:

Enlightened Kindness is located in Beaver Dam, Ohio County, KY. Let us put our knowledge to work for you. We provide services with research and resources through knowledge and assistance by assessment, and planning. We will recommend methods and assist with putting plans into action to better our clients insufficient situations. Our services will provide solutions filling voids forEnlightened Kindness is family-owned and operated right here in Beaver Dam, KY. We treat every customer like they are a part of our family, and take pride in aiding others who need help. Enlightened Kindness does not give hand outs! Yet, offers a boost to reach goals together, and renew a positive perspective for most situations.

Our Services consist of: (See disclaimer below)
Working Class Individuals and Families
Small Businesses, advertisement
Self-sustaining Groups
Artists in need, advertisement
Prayer Request
Community Groups and Organizations Info.
& Community Events/Benefits

We are a spiritual-based group of individuals that believe in an equal and fair greater being. Some call this greater being Lord or God, some say Great Spirit, and there are many other popular names. Everyone at Enlightened Kindness truly believes they are answering an extraordinary calling for improving others lives. We are dedicated to accomplishing good works.

We will not preach our beliefs, nor infringe on your beliefs.

We Do Not Discriminate By Race, Greed, Color, Gender, Religion, Or Any Other Manner!

 Well, I believe we are to this moment right here and now.

We are posted this project here in the hopes that our group will be able to pursue these goals and become an official Non-profit organization. We will you assist us in bringing our community together, so that we may complete these good works?

There are many more projects in the rough draft stage and will be coming very soon!



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