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Staten Island Half-Marathon Photo

The Story

This year's Staten Island Half-Marathon is going to be bigger than ever. 


And, New York Road Runners is partnering with CrowdRise to encourage every single runner to fundraise. You can get started with one click and we're going to make certain that being involved is super fun. You can raise money and join an official Staten Island Half-Marathon Team or start your own fundraiser.


There are no minimums and no requirements and all of the money you raise rolls up into the total amount raised and we're going to be relentless about fundraising until we get every single runner involved.


Click Here to Start Your Marathon Fundraiser for Charity


Need Help Joining or Starting a Charity Fundraiser? Click Here.


**Starting a CrowdRise fundraiser does not guarantee you a slot in the 2013 Staten Island Half-Marathon. If you need a guaranteed entry, you must contact the charity before setting up a fundraising page.**


If you have an awesome story we want to know about it. Please email about it and we'll get it to our PR squad.

Team Organizer's Photo

KAFSC Raising Hope Race

Amount Raised: